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If you’ve never seen a child’s first encounter with a puddle, you must make sure you do! In fact, you’ll find hundreds of videos on YouTube. It’s truly hypnotising and fun to watch: the child walks up to the puddle and looks at it, sees his reflection and discovers a new world from the feet upwards: the sky is in the ground, buildings are below him! Everything is upside down! That’s surprising, funny, fascinating and so…there’s only one thing left to do: splash! Jumping in makes everything disappears like magic. This fascination with puddles, skipping over them, jumping into them, splashing around, stamping and screaming whilst getting soaked is something which goes hand in hand with growing up. It’s fun but it’s also an act freedom: it’s pure excitement, sheer joy. All you have to do is watch a child (or even just Gene Kelly “Singing in the Rain”) to realise that.
At Havaianas we are all in favour of getting out on a raining day in order to skip in some puddles. We have put everything in motion to ensure that this great pastime does not turn into a ‘wet feet and flu’ disaster. The brand, with its ever optimistic and cheerful outlook, has come up with a fun collection of kid’s rain boots, so that they can carry on walking to school or playing with their little friends in the park without having to worry about catching a cold. In the #HavaianasKids collection, you will find all sorts of wellies to match your little ones’ tastes: fun colours, with animal prints, flowers and hearts or even a camouflage version for the little warriors of the household. Rain boots for kids are made to ensure rainy days are fun, without forgetting the most important thing: being well protected. Our Havaianas wellies are made to the highest quality standards and thanks to the comfortable and flexible material used to make them, they are totally waterproof, breathable and comfortable. And they are super easy to clean! What more could you possibly want?
Remember that you too can go back to your childhood with a brand new pair of rain boots. Havaianas has a huge collection that will help put a smile on your face on those grey and rainy days. Try them out: if you get up on a gloomy day, slip on your #HavaianasRainboots and you’ll see how your mood will change. If you come across a puddle, don’t walk around it, just stop and skip in, stamp around! You’ll soon have a wide grin stretching across your face!

So, next time it rains, you got it? Your mission is to find a puddle and skip in!

Happy Universal Children’s Day!

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