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3, 2, 1… SUMMER!

I definitely think that there’s something magic about the summer: it turns us into better versions of ourselves without even trying hard, just by giving us the will to go travelling, going out, doing sports, relaxing…. It’s the time of year we let ourselves go, when we’re most receptive to the simple pleasures in life.
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There’s plenty to do and to plan but… whatever you end up doing, do it with style! That’s why Havaianas is number one on my list. It brings together what I like most in summer basics: comfort and trendiness. And as there are so much to choose from, I’ve been drawing up plans of how to best enjoy the next few months. Here are some of the ideas I came up with of things I don’t want to miss out on.

If going to a music concert is an incredible experience, doing so outdoors is even more amazing. Be it in town or on the beachfront (my favourite), here are a couple of looks I suggest which you might find inspiring.

Look 1
I love this Rock style look when I want to feel stylish without too much effort: it goes really well with that timeless black leather skirt and a pair of Havaianas You Riviera Croco. Add a touch of colour with a mustard-toned top, this year’s summer trend, with that bikini underneath, of course, just in case you get a chance to dive into the water during the event! ;)
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Look 2
If the concert is on the beachfront, why waste time getting changed? Any beach dress can become a trendy festival outfit if you just accessorize it with a metallic belt, bracelets, earrings and a pair of HAVAIANAS LUNA SPECIAL which feature Swarovski crystals. You won’t need anything else to shine out there!
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And if the summer has more events in store for you, and the dress code is more formal, or if you simply happen to want to look elegant and stylish, here are two rules I follow that never fail.

1) Go for one-tone outfits.
2) Wear some golden accessories to add a touch of dazzle and warmth in order to dress up your look. That’s a perfect tandem when combined with a pair of HAVAINAS FREEDOM MAXI.
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 Look 4
It’s as important to know how to have fun as it is to look after one’s health. That’s why, out of all the outdoor activities one can do in the summer, yoga is one of my favourites. In a park, or as the sun goes down on a beach. It’s an activity that will help you recharge your batteries whilst getting physically fit and ready for another of my favourite sports: surfing!
All you need is a cotton top and pair of shorts + a pair of the super versatile HAVAIANAS FLASH URBAN.
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Look 5
If there’s something that we can’t wait for all year around, it’s to step out onto the beach. Am I right?
As I am a bit of a traditionalist, here are the bits n’ pieces that I never forget in my beach bag:

● Something borrowed: one of those straw hats that my mum collects.
● Something blue: my favourite sarong which I bought years ago on one of my trips to Mallorca.
● Something old: beach rackets. I think they’re that old that I already played with them when I was a kid.
● Something new: a pair of  HAVAIANAS LUNA SPECIAL
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Look 6
… And on those days when the weather and the waves are just right for surfing, you can complete your kit with a stylish black neoprene bikini like the one in the photo.
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Look 7
Down deep, there’s nothing I like more than to travel or being by the beachside, but as all good things come to an end, I invite you to travel in your mind by reading a good book on your days off. If you find a poolside to do so, even better. Then, the perfect poolside kit should include a pair of HAVAIANAS LUNA PRINT.
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