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How does spring make you feel? Like springing back to life after the winter cold? As the sun peeks out, temperatures rise, and days get longer, we find ourselves reaching for lighter, more colorful fashion choices. Casual chic starts to take over our look.
Territorio Havaianas Blog Origine

Havaianas Origine

That’s just what we’re presenting today, relaxed outfits with a special touch: that splash of colour that Havaianas Origine brings to our British spring. It’s still a little early to really bare our feet, but for sure we want to kick off those heavy socks and boots and slip into something more comfortable.

These espadrilles are a great finishing touch for a #FancyFriday look at the office, don’t you think? Even if logo tees are not in the dress code, try pairing them with a blouse and cropped trousers.

It goes without saying that they’re ideal for that casual shorts and a t-shirt look, for when you’re out and about in the City or attending a traditional summer fayre. Or maybe they even send your thoughts straying to visions of white beaches and deck chairs? Daydream away!

And if you’re one of those who like a different colour for every mood, we’ve got you covered. No worries ;)

Best of all, you can get these espadrilles wet without ruining them. They have a rubber sole that won’t sting your feet like woven straw can. No wonder they put such a spring in your step!

Now you know:
Havaianas Territorio Blog_Origine
Havaianas Territorio Blog_Origine

“Be cool, be original, be… ORIGINE”


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