Territorio Havaianas


When it’s summer in the northern hemisphere, it’s winter in the southern hemisphere. So even when you’re chattering through that deep freeze at home, it’s a beach day somewhere else on the planet. You could wake up in minus ten degrees and have dinner in your bikini and sandals. We can always dream, right?

Actually warm days are just a click away on any airline site. Maybe you’re the type who loves traveling but not on a whim. You plan things out and your next vacation is never far from your mind. Or maybe all you can spare is a weekend, so you make sure every single hour is packed. Either way, quit daydreaming and instead gear up for operation “always summer”.

If you have more than a week free, we recommend venturing far, somewhere like Argentina, Uruguay, or our beloved Brazil (it never disappoints). But if you only have a weekend, the Canary Islands, Madeira, or the Azores are just a few hours away. At any of those destinations, the mercury never goes much below a balmy twenty degrees.

Don’t forget the essentials. If you’re already in mittens and woolens, the diving goggles and tanning lotion can easily slip your mind. Put some thought into your packing list: swimsuit, sunscreen, moisturizer, lighter clothes, and repellent. And of course, don’t forget to leave a corner in your suitcase for your favorite Havaianas. Wherever you’re going, you’ll need them.

Actually with all that time in your flip-flops, we suggest bringing more than one pair. For her, check out the 'Slim Paisage' model with a gorgeous sunset and palm trees. For him, 'Havaianas Hype' shows a surfer on the turquoise sea. Both would be perfect for a getaway to some place that’s always summer.

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