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Our lives have changed in an unbelievable way over the last year. Among other things, we are now more conscious than ever of the importance of our health. However, at a time when it is so important, it would seem that our options to maintain a healthy lifestyle have suffered somewhat. While before we would walk to work or to our places of study or leisure, now we access these activities online, without leaving our home. We have changed our routines, and it seems that in our new lifestyle we find it hard to do exercise, and too easy to find the time for less demanding tasks. There is a constant flow of stressful news which may bring us down. The leisure activities that implied moving and burning up energy also seem far gone right now… but don’t worry, at Havaianas we have many ideas to lend you a helping hand.

Breathe in… breathe out…

Days are long enough for you to find a quiet moment at some point. You might not think so, but we assure you that it’s not difficult to find 10 minutes to yourself. Everything else can wait. The time you set aside would be best found in the morning: this will help you face the whole day in a new way, help you stay focussed and productive, and it will remind you that at least once a day it is important to put yourself first before anything else.

Set phones and screens aside, find a moment of peace and quiet or a neutral and soothing sound to help you relax, take your shoes off and feel connected to the earth. Leave you pair of Havaianas close by so that when you finish you can carry on enjoying the freedom of having your feet out in the air, but with more style while protecting your fee. 😉

  • You can relax with your eyes shut and simply meditate, concentrating on your breathing, delicately casting aside any other thoughts that might pop up, getting back to concentrating on the rhythm of your lungs. On the Internet, you’ll find plenty of methods to help you meditate, if you need some help to begin with.
  • You could also spend these few minutes on mindfulness, thinking about how you feel: are you ok, is something hurting or was something hurting before and it went away without you noticing? Do you feel rested and full of energy today, or do you need to begin changing some habits to improve things? Treat yourself kindly and say nice things to yourself. Think of the person you treat the very best: that person you would never say a wrong word to. Perhaps it is a relative or friend in a tricky situation and you care about them so much you don’t want to hurt them, or simply a person who is dear and special to you. Talk to yourself the same way you would to that person, with tact and sensibility, and with all the care in the world, just as you deserve.
  • Ok now, if you’re not the meditating type or like sitting alone to think? No worries, it’s not an obligation and at Havaianas we have enough mindfulness for everyone. What’s important is that you use this time doing something you enjoy, which you can do without others. It could be reading a book, drawing (it doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad, you’re drawing for yourself), or you could listen to music without being distracted by other things. But just try to find a moment without distractions and without contacting anyone other than yourself.


Now switch your ‘on’ button

See how everything else could wait? Now you can get on with everything you needed to do, but with a more positive attitude. Try to hold on to this optimistic point of view throughout the day. It may be complicated with all the shocking and unpleasant news we get all the time, but we trust you to succeed. One great way to hold on to those good vibes is by keeping moving! Feel that energy in your body and in your mind. To move is to feel free: turn your sitting room into your dance floor, have fun, give it your all. Exercise is life and moving makes your brain happier.

Free and comfortable at all times!

Walking around the house with your Havaianas flip-flops on is unquestionably like being free, running through your personal territory in the way you like best. And you can do just that, even if temperatures are not as warm as you’d like, because with our socks specially designed to be worn with flip-flops you can combine these in your favourite way to keep warm toastie feet as well as being stylish.  

So now you know

Any time spent on yourself is time well spent, and an active lifestyle means plenty of benefits for your health and state of mind: which is something everybody needs right now, even if it’s hard to achieve. It’s best to start bit by bit to get into these good habits, without getting too bored or tired to begin with, but feeling the energy and being in control of your own mind and body.



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