Territorio Havaianas


Weddings have something magic that never goes out of style. Acid wash is so eighties, skinny jeans will have their day, but weddings – never. You know what else never gets old? Those little details the bride and groom roll out to thank their guests and give them something to remember the day by. And sometimes the tiniest things make the day unforgettable. So if you’re thinking of getting married or know someone who is, this post is for you. We’ve come up with three fantastic ideas to make your wedding a day to remember!
1. Disposable cameras
Um, heard of digital? Yeah – but think about it. All those short-lived selfies. Shoot a pic, send it off, and it’s forgotten in a flash. How about letting your guests play paparazzi for a day? With disposable cameras they rediscover the fun of laughing over how a pic turned out only once it’s developed. And there’s an excuse for another party, getting together to look at the pics or frame them. So retro kitsch!
2. Cocktail bar
Some wedding traditions go without saying. The food, the drinks, the conga, more drinks. It can get a little predictable. So surprise your guests by turning one corner of the reception venue into paradise with a tropical cocktail bar. Who’s up for a caipirinha?  
3. Kick off those shoes
At every wedding eventually your feet just can’t take it anymore. Hours of heels or dress shoes leave your tootsies begging to be set free. We have the solution: Havaianas Wedding! Customize the classic Top and Slim models with commemorative strap pins. Your guests will love the comfort of this practical yet unique wedding favor.

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