Havaianas joins forces with Game of Thrones: have all of Westeros at your feet!

You're a Game of Thrones fan who is desperately waiting for the next season to begin? We have something for you! Grab a pair of Havaianas featuring some of the most iconic images of the series. This season marks the end of the original HBO series and to celebrate, you can now have the Iron Throne…shining on your very own feet!

The audience's expectations are obviously high as this series has become a real social phenomenon that everybody is talking about! Each of the Westeros Kingdoms has its devoted followers and fervent opponents.

Heading for the summer with a pair of Havaianas in the purest Seven Kingdoms style is now possible. Wear and feel like a Stark or a Targaryen! Out of the various designs, you can choose the one which features your favourite elements in the series, from more daring models to those overflowing with the unmistakable spirit of the biggest television phenomenon in recent years. And you can still count on the usual Havaianas comfort and quality, as always!

Havaianas joins forces with Game of Thrones: have all of Westeros at your feet!

There are many unknowns yet to be answered and this season will not disappoint. We are convinced that, whatever happens, there will be a multitude of confrontations, lots of intrigue, treachery, bloody battles, homecoming moments, passion, vengeance, plenty of tension… basically, all the key ingredients which make this series such a success.

The date HBO has set to premiere this eighth and final season is the 14th of April and only 6 episodes keep us from the grand finale. No-one knows what they have in store for us, but meanwhile we can make sure we have the merchandising which will only make us love the series even more.

Get ready because the summer is just around the corner and your Havaianas will follow you everywhere as you find out who wins the Iron Throne. This has to be the most fun footwear of the summer: it will be the talking point as several conversations unfold about what's going to happen and how this already iconic series is going to end.

At Havaianas we have launched this flip-flop collection for the more hardcore fans: models inspired on the Iron Throne, Houses Targaryen and Stark, and the maps of Westeros and Essos. Which one will conquer your look?

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