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Elbert Green Hubbard was an American writer, artist, philosopher and influential exponent of the Arts and Crafts movement, who lived between 1856 and 1915. He is credited with the phrase that started off the concept of what came to be known as the ‘post-holiday blues’. The sentence goes: “No man needs a vacation so much as the man who has just had one”. That’s right! Right now, as you read this sentence, you are probably thinking “how right that good old Elbert Green was!”

During the holidays we have lived life more intensely and in a mad way, we have made the days longer, have indulged in good foods, have skipped on some sleep, have traipsed from one place to another…. All of this is bound to have messed our biological rhythm up. We have swapped the clock of our working lives for our biological clocks, doing just what we wanted when we wanted.

But it’s normal that when all this madness comes to an end, when it’s time to go back to one’s daily routine and organised life, our mind and body takes the brunt of it: commitments take precedence over the happy go lucky moments, it’s all rush rush rush again instead of relaxation, it’s back to layers of clothing instead of swimsuits. In the face of such changes, it’s not unusual to feel sad, irritable, listless, sleepless, stressed…. At Havaianas we’ve decided to give you some tips to making the most of this period of transition.

How about making the most of the fact that the heat is not so stifling anymore and get out to do some sports? During the hottest part of the summer, any sporting activity is virtually off the cards if we want to avoid health problems, however, now that the temperature has dropped a little, it’s the right time to do outdoor sports again: go jogging, or try cycling, meet up with your friends to kick a ball around or try some Tai Chi in the park. You’ll feel great!
Territorio Havaianas Blog - Detox
Territorio Havaianas Blog - Detox
What’s more, as the next few days will still be long, you’ll have a few extra hours to play with. The weather is still pleasant so nothing stops you from enjoying a stroll, or reading a book under the shade of a tree, or meeting with friends to catch up over a drink on a terrace… Or how about a picnic in the park? Well, why not?

Finally, remember that even if the holidays are over, you can always enjoy a little break away, like a weekend at the seaside, a night in a country cottage, or a day out hiking on a trail?

Now you have the secret to curing post-holiday blues. As we say at Havaianas, “Tudo É Festa”: It’s all a party! Yes, you can also get the best out of the autumn!
Territorio Havaianas Blog - Detox

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