Netflix x Havaianas #FollowMyVoice

International Women’s day is a day to remember, a day to revendicate, to listen and to be listened. On March 8th we remember the path traveled together along many years and we celebrate every step we have taken towards equality. We remember all those great women that have stood up and still keep standing up for a fairer world by speaking up about the circumstances they face in their day-to-day life and continue to work on making things better for everyone. Throughout history, many women have raised their voices against injustices, making great advances towards equality and becoming in authentic heroes.

And speaking about heroes…

Some of the biggest achievements in the resent times have to do with the world of culture, the literature, the motion pictures and the tv series… and this has to do with the fact that we see more and more strong female characters every day. Characters with strong backgrounds and complex constructions. Characters that are admired by women and girls all around the world and that they can relate to. Representation is a key point in personal growth and having a strong representation on series opens the possibility to share key ideals that even though they might not be the main objective of the stories, have a big impact on those that see the shows. That is way Netflix and Havaianas have joined forces with a new flip flop collection dedicated to three iconic female characters that shine in the platform.



Eleven from Stranger Things, Maeve Wiley from Sex Education and Nairobi from Money Heist become the perfect team to represent the #FollowMyVoice movement. We see them on the screen facing incredible situations and overcoming multiple difficulties, they make themselves heard when it is necessary and that is why they can become the perfect communication vehicle for real stories. Giving a voice to many testimonies, ideas, initiatives and circumstances of women is an important step towards change and from Havaianas we want to open the mic to get to know real women and their stories, and how these Netflix characters become a reference to which they can connect.

What is #FollowMyVoice?

#FollowMyVoice is a collaborative movement, we want to create a save and public space where women can share their experiences. We invite you to participate in social media, telling us your most powerful stories, moments or phrases that have sticked with you, experiences in which you perseverated and actions that you take everyday to build a more equal future where all women’s circumstances are taken into account. Let your voice empower other women, because it is like this that the best stories are built.

Showing your voices and sharing all that is important for you it is just one chapter of this initiative, so you can stay tunned to our channels and see the surprises we have prepared because this will not be a one-day initiative, your voice needs to be listened all year long.


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