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When you’re on the beach, can you think of anything better than having a little shower? Yes, you know, a nice little shower under a gigantic flip-flop! Once again, this year Havaianas is inundating Europe with super-sized flip-flops that make cooling down even more fun. Have a look at the map to see where you can find them:

You’ve already seen them: this year Havaianas has set-up its gigantic and colourful flip-flop showers in 9 countries (Spain, France, Italy, the UK, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Greece and Morocco) and on such iconic beaches as Newquay, Montpellier, Crete, Veneto; on Tumbao  beach –  in Tarifa, southern Spain’s windsurf capital of the world – , and so on, in 20 locations!

If this summer you see a gigantic flip-flop in the colours of Brazil on some of the 20 beaches where they are installed, run over and take a picture and upload it to Instagram, using #HavaianasShower. When the summer comes to an end, Havaianas will post an album with the coolest and most fun photos, so don’t miss your chance: rehearse your wildest, daring, extravagant, sophisticated, sexy poses. Who knows, you may be immortalized in our Summer 2017 album!
Territorio Havaianas Blog - Showers 2017

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