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The summer is synonymous with festival season! We haven’t found anything new since our May newsletter – the one just  before the summer madness began, when at Territorio Havaianas we compiled a little list for you of some of the main festivals taking place across Europe: from the avant-garde Sonar Festival in Barcelona, to long-standing Glastonbury, we recommended some 20 festivals held in France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy and the UK. In fact, we’d kept a trump card up our sleeve, and the time has come to reveal the surprise.

If you think about it, apart from being the best season to enjoy music out-of-doors, the summer is also synonymous with “beach”. It would be hard to imagine these warm months without having a dip in the sea and just would not be the same. And if we’re going to think big, what if we were to blend the two concepts into one: beach and music? What if, together with a music festival that includes great acts we were to add one of the greatest surfing competitions on the calendar? That’s right: we would get… the Boardmasters, where music meets the waves!
Havaianas is the festival’s official footwear sponsor. And on top of that, the world famous flip-flops are going to have a stand so you can go and find out about the newest models (you never know when you are going to need a new pair of Havaianas) and it will also be organising a fun lilo race (the flip-flop shaped ones, in case you wondered!?) worn as a backpack, in the purest of beach Sherpa styles! This will all be taking place at Watergate Bay between 9th and 13th August.

And just around the corner, on Fistral beach, as well as enjoying the surfing, you will also be able to enjoy the Skate & BMX contests taking place there, ensuring your adrenaline levels run high. Indeed, when you get to the beach, look out for the gigantic green and yellow flip-flop, because Fistral is one of the venues chosen by Havaianas this year to set-up their fun and colourful flip-flop shower.

So, now you know: from 9th to 13th August, at Boardmasters you’ll find the perfect combination of music, waves, action and good vibes. Proof of the fact that the summer rhymes with festival… and beach… and of course, with Havaianas!
Dive into the fun of the Boardmasters Festival with this playlist of the festival!

Havaianas - Boardmaster Festival

Playlist by: DJ Alfonso López

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