Home, sweet home

You know those dull and dreary days when the skies are grey from the get-go, it’s cold and even drizzling? Those days you just feel like staying in bed all day long, enjoying the cozy comfort of your home? Those days are just perfect.

Many people have a hang up about grey days, but to make things better all you need is to add a touch of Havaianas colour to them.

  • Get the soundtrack of your day going: music is a powerful tool to improve anyone’s state of mind. Soothing music if you want to relax, your favourite songs if you feel like singing, music with plenty of beats if you just want to enjoy dancing or doing some exercise. You decide!

  • Make your favourite hot drink, to warm your body and soul. Perhaps a cup of herbal tea with honey, a cup of hot chocolate, a chai latte, spiced cider… there’s so much to choose from. Which one would you pick?

  • Create a special atmosphere, dim the lights, light a few candles, and you could even burn some incense sticks or essential oils. But don’t forget that on a rainy day, if you open the window a little, you’ll find you let in wonderful scents of moist earth which reminds us that our planet is overflowing with life and should be cherished and preserved. Take the opportunity to also remember that little bit of nature you have inside your house and water your plants: they will no doubt be most grateful for that!

  • Go a little crazy and have a walk in the pouring rain! It doesn’t have to be a huge long walk, of course, but just enough to be energising. And when you get back home, get into a nice warm shower and wrap yourself up in our new Havaianas Home Usage collection. Cuddle up in one of our sweatshirts and get your feet toasty warm in our special socks and slippers. There’s nothing more comforting than a good sweatshirt and a soft pair of socks to feel homely.

  • And now that you’re ready, it’s time to have a relaxing time watching that series you got hooked on, or getting on with that book you are half-way through and never have the time to finish, or perhaps playing online with your friends on that video game that makes you all laugh so hard. Because feeling comfy and having a laugh with your friends and loved ones is what’s important, whether in person or at a distance.

Our home has become the place we take refuge in, now more than ever, as we surround ourselves with the things we love, that are comforting and make us feel good. At Havaianas we want these good vibes which are so much part of who we are to be there with you, whether indoors or outdoors. Discover our Home Usage collection and turn your grey days into wonderful moments. You are just going to love our special socks, which you can wear with your favourite flip-flops. They were made so that you can carry on enjoying the essence of summer anywhere but without having cold feet. If you prefer, you could simply wear your slides – a classic that never fails – but be warned: our espadrilles are also simply irresistible. No one ever said you had to wear the same thing everyday, even if you’re at home, so you can try all these options and combine them every day with one of our Havaianas sweatshirts. Why not take advantage of this time to discover and explore the possibilities that home fashion provides.

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