Territorio Havaianas


August is on its way out, and for many, this spells the end of the holidays. It’s not easy getting back into our routine: going back to work, facing life’s normal duties… but, above all, we miss all the wonderful moments we experienced during the summer. Don’t worry: there’s a solution! Concentrate on all the fun things you could do and work into your normal everyday life. Just keep the ones that will make you healthy and happy, and enjoy the change of scenery: embark on new projects which lift your spirits.

No, none of that dragging your feet! You’re in charge: grab hold of the reins and do what you want to do, climb that hill, and soon enough you’ll see things aren’t so difficult. What’s more, if you need inspiration, here are some ideas to help you get back to your everyday routine in September, with a touch of good humour, loads of energy and a will to accomplish new things:

- Make some room in your life for sports 

Exercising is always a plus: it gets you in good shape, clears your head from negative thoughts and the best part is that it raises your body’s serotonin levels (the hormone that makes you happy). But don’t get carried away with trends if they’re not your thing: if you don’t like jogging or going to the gym, then come up with something new! Chose a sport that catches your attention, or simply try something new like skating, dancing, martial arts, rugby… You never know what might spark off a new hobby or passion!

- Enjoy some sun or good weather on a terrace

The holidays may be over, but the summer isn’t. Enjoy it as if you were still on holiday: wind down after work and spend some of your free time in places that might provide you with that little glimpse of sunshine at the end of the day. Don’t let anything get in your way whilst the good weather lasts!

- Learn something new

In September, loads of places start new courses, whether online or in person. Take the opportunity to do a course in something you have always wanted to learn: it could be a language, history, or literature, or crowdfunding courses, coaching, the art of speech, emotional intelligence,… even cooking! If you look around, you’ll find there are courses for every taste out there!

- Let the fun carry on

Going back to routine doesn’t have to mean putting a stopper on your social life. Enjoy your free time, even if you’re tired: get out of the house and do something with your colleagues. Tell them about your holidays, make this a time to create new memories with them, now that you’re back together. You might still have time to get away for a weekend break? Or there’s a music festival you’re not sure about attending? Go for it: don’t put anything off and don’t let any experience pass you by! You’ll make your return to routine as unforgettable as your holidays were!

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