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We all know that during this past year of Zoom meetings and teleworking, we have secretly– or perhaps not so secretly – spent our time in our slippers or flip-flops. Now that we are beginning to leave our homes bit-by-bit, our feet are a little wary of stepping back into tight and uncomfortable shoes. But, does it have to be that way? At Havaianas we would like to break the myth that flip-flops are only good for the beach or to stay at home. Spoiler Alert! We’d like to present you with a much more comfortable reality!

Can I drive when wearing flip-flops?

A lot of people wonder whether it is illegal to drive with flip-flops. The short answer is that in some place it is and in others it isn’t. You do, however, have to take into account that the feet are not in a natural position when driving and you need to ensure that the sole of your footwear is going to make the same movement as your foot in order to work the pedals. That’s why we recommend that you wear flat, closed shoes to drive and that you remember to take your Havaianas in the car with you. All you need to do is change into them and let your feet enjoy freedom!

Can you wear flip-flops with socks?

This is another of the great questions that we often wonder about and we just can’t leave it unanswered: flip-flops and socks? Is it trendy or is it only allowed when you travel to those places where no-one knows you and your only concern is who is going to get the next round of drinks? At Havaianas, we ask you to keep an open mind, to think big and not close any doors to the all-important power of comfort. Why not enjoy the fact that fashion is in favour of comfort for once?

If you’re also wondering where your flip-flops come from, we can tell you that Havaianas flip-flops are inspired by traditional Japanese footwear called Zori which are worn with socks! Special socks that are made specially to be worn comfortably with this type of footwear. At Havaianas we wouldn’t go for any less so why not discover our models with the fun collection of colourful printed socks so you can get the most out of your flip-flops. Dare to stand out this summer!

What are the best outfits to wear with flip-flops?

Are you already thinking about joining-us in our flip-flops & socks trend? Yes, we know… now you’re thinking about more moments when you can feel comfortable in your Havaianas. That’s why you can’t miss out on our wild bet on how to set a trend in unusual situations. Read on!

  • Havaianas at the office: Yes, that’s right. Just a few years ago it was still unthinkable to imagine one could wear open shoes in the work place. Offices were boring, grey places where anything fun was frowned upon and where the question ‘what to wear to go to work?’ was a recurrent theme for new hires.

Luckily things have changed (in most cases, of course) as nowadays many offices have set up dynamic, co-working open spaces where staff can almost feel at home with the added benefit of being able to work in teams.

So, if the working environment has changed so much, what sense does it make to stick to an outdated dress code? Why not express ourselves freely? We can express ourselves in different ways as individuals, not just with the way we talk. And, yes, fashion is one of the ways and we should use that to our advantage!

  • Restaurants: if they don’t let you come in with flip-flops, we suggest you try our espadrilles to stand out this summer. They are perfect to put a finishing touch to any look while being comfortable and they don’t flout any formalities!

  • ¿Flip-flops to do sports? There’s something weird about this which is that Havaianas flip-flops are great accessories for sports enthusiasts but they are not appropriate to actually do sports in. You can take them when you go do any swimming or sporting activity, they are great in the gym shower, and if you love long hikes, there’s simply NOTHING better than kicking off your heavy boots when you stop along the way. Come and see our new sports flip-flops for women/men.
  • Flip-flops to travel: You have to catch a flight and you want to be comfortable? Go ahead, it’s safe to say no-one’s going to mind if you wear your Havaianas. They are a good option for this kind of travelling situation, although you might like to have a pair of socks just in case the temperature in the cabin is a bill cool and chills your feet out.

We hope we have helped show you that these myths only limit us when it comes to choosing a look that will make us feel both comfortable and fantastic!

We’d love to hear back from you with your stories and feedback about these situations we talked about today and, of course, we hope to see you again in our Havaianas stores to continue being part of your best looks when you wear our cool flip-flops that we know will leave no-one indifferent.

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