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Like a feast of colours, smoothies have come into our lives to brighten it up a little and above all, to make it healthier!

They provide our body with the vitamins and minerals that we need in an amazingly quick, practical and simple way.

So, would you dare to mess around with some smoothies as if they were a feast of colours? Just get ready to pamper yourself with the luxury of trying out a differently coloured smoothie every day of the week. And you can try matching it up with your favourite Havaianas! If you find Mondays are the hardest to get going, how about fighting that start-of-the-week blues with a CaipiGreen smoothie matched-up with your lime green Havaianas SLIMs? And on Tuesday, try the yellow Brasil smoothie and your Havaianas BRASIL LOGO model? Or on Friday, why not liven things up with a Piña colada smoothie, whilst wearing your Havaianas SLIM PAISAGE flip-flops?

Make sure you jot down the recipe of what may end up being your favourite smoothie and get ready to begin a healthy life with the other easy recipes which are simply a dose of PURE HEALTH!
Territorio Havaianas Blog - Smoothies
What do I do now?

Place all the ingredients in the blender and mix until smooth. Tasty? To impress your friends, pour the drink into a vintage style crystal jug and decorate with a nice colourful straw and pieces of fruit.

So, which is your favourite smoothie? Are you ready for your own colour revolution?

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