Havaianas Socks

The days are getting shorter, the temperature is dropping, your cat now curls up cozily for a snooze…. It’s hard to admit it but the summer is definitely behind us. Don’t worry though: at Havaianas we’ve got you covered. Well, at least your feet will be, with our new range of socks!

Yes, that’s right, socks, you read that properly.

On more than one occasion, we have explained that our iconic flip-flops are inspired on the traditional Japanese zori sandals. These and other styles of Japanese sandals – such as the geta or waraji sandals – are usually worn with special socks known as tabi, which separate the toes so that they can adjust to this kind of footwear comfortably. Well, that’s how our socks are made, so you can carry on wearing your favourite sandals and flip-flops even when the summer is over, without feeling cold.


The limits of fashion are blurring so we’d like to be daring and break the mould. To whoever it was that said that flip-flops don’t go with socks, we say: we couldn’t disagree more. We are here to blur the lines, disrupt the norm and bet on the positive energy that the summer provides to bring us some warmth in the winter too. We want it all!

Pick your style and complete your look as you like: we have the most fun,  colourful socks you can imagine. Look for your favourite print. Are you after something else? No problem, we have two-toned or solid colour socks featuring fun phrases. Just find your favourite colour to combine with your trusty Havaianas. As they were made to be worn together, our socks feature a special sole to avoid slipping. We’ve thought of everything!


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