What makes your Havaianas Slim Sparkle so special?

Some things in life simply make us feel great. Whether it’s that the lights turn green just as you drive up, or that the temperature is just perfect when you dive into a pool, or as you walk into a store that the music playing is your favourite tune… these little things that light something up inside of you and make you happy. And you know what?  When you feel like that, you actually shine.

An infallible recipe for good mood

When you are having a good day and everything you do works out, your optimism is contagious and it’s impossible for you to go unnoticed. One of the things that can make your day wonderful is wearing your favourite clothes and some of those accessories that put you in a good mood.  Your outfit is a reflection of how you feel and at Havaianas we have the perfect flip-flops to make you sparkle and shine for everyone to see. The new Havaianas Slim Sparkle are just that detail that will ensure you overflow with special energy. The new design which features a gradient glitter effect is the final touch to bring you that magical magnetism that will ensure your day is filled with good vibrations.


Ready for any occasion

Because good mood attracts good things, Havaianas is a way of looking at life from a positive perspective and sharing it with others. That is precisely why your Slim Sparkle flip-flops are perfect for any occasion, from going out for a drink with friends to going to the swimming pool, because coolness and good humour should always be with you. You’ll be able to shine in four different colours, to combine your happiness with your favourite outfit, feeling elegant wherever you step out.


The superpower of sharing a good day

As there is no greater pleasure than that of sharing, Slim Sparkle could become the perfect present this season. Imagine the wonderful surprise of opening a package and discovering that what is inside is even more dazzling than the packaging itself. Now you can bring some of that Havaianas optimism to those you love: when happiness comes in a package and you can actually wear it, you know you’ve got it made. Havaianas is special because you make it special, and there is nothing better than sharing this feeling with others.

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