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The summer is the season during which one travels most. Just look at the number of people moving around: from the city to the countryside, from inland to the coast, from north to south, and back again! The summer barely arrives and we are busting to leave and enjoy the weather as much as possible. We don’t want to miss a thing. We’ll rest when autumn comes.

That’s what we think at Havaianas: if we want to make the most of the summer in 2017, we can’t stay put, so, no sooner said than done, Havaianas has pulled out its set of wheels, hit the road and plotted its course on route to visit all the coolest and busiest beaches along the Spanish coast. We’ll be attending festivals, surfing championships, events and going to the beaches with the most action in Spain.

To get about, we have pulled out the vintage van which we have customised, then driven onto our grounds (our own Territorio Havaianas) and from there, we are setting off through the very earthy terrain of northern Spain, but in fact bound for the seaside.

The first stop on our long route is at the Sopelana World Surf League competition, in the Biscay region, on the beach with a longstanding surfing tradition which gives the competition its name. We will be there from 19th to 23rd July, so if you see our Combi van parked up around there, you know you can stop by and check out the Havaianas collection we have prepared for you this summer. You could also try to win one of our many prizes and discounts by simply taking a picture and downloading it on social networks with the hashtag #HavaianasTour.

From ‘Sope’ (the locals’ nickname for their beach), we’ll drive to Donostia (the Basque name for San Sebastián) in order to discover its beaches: the majestic Concha beach, the wild beach of Zurriola and calmer Ondarreta family beach. We will only be staying there from 24th to 26th July because on the 27th we are attending the Salinas Longboard Festival on the Asturian beach which gives it its name, Salinas! This is the most important longboard – the nearly three-meter long surfboards – event in Europe, which began in 2002. Over there, you’ll have the cinema, market, skating zone, and of course our Havaianas Combi van waiting for you!

We’ll remain on Salinas beach until the 30th, when we hit the road again. We will head west, along the coast, until we hit Santander. The Cantabria region’s capital celebrates its ninth edition of ‘Santander Music’, from 3rd to 5th August. This is one of Spain’s most important indie music events, and this year, heading the billboard is possibly Spain’s most important group in the genre: Los Planetas, who hail from the southern city of Granada.

What do you think about our trip? We have a fairly complete route there, don’t you think?  Well, your job is to locate the Combi Havaianas (you’ll recognise it because it is particularly groovy and colourful). Come and see our collection of iconic flip-flops, take a picture, download it to the social networks with our hashtag and have a go on our slot machine to win a prize.

This year follow us on the Havaianas route and enjoy the summer!
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