Territorio Havaianas


Who isn’t up for a scary movie once in a while? Being scared is a feeling we human beings know well (although animals also suffer from it): a feeling that is generated in the brain and runs throughout our body, with visible signs in the form of cold sweats, spasms, trembling, dilated pupils, a dry mouth, tense muscles…, yet it also provides a feeling of excitement and is a great way to get rid of stress.
Fear produces a load of mixed emotions: we have a horrid time, terrible even; yet at the same time the feeling can be so intense we enjoy it. Does it sound crazy? Actually, it isn’t. Just think: how often, when watching a scary movie, have you shrieked and howled in fear, or cowered in an armchair, then found yourself bursting out with laughter at the fact you were shrieking in the first place! And how often do you come out of the cinema feeling great and stress-free after that adrenaline rush? Conclusion: it’s fun and healthy to have a good scare now and then.

The scariest night of the year is nearly upon us: Halloween! Many of us are already preparing our disguise to dress up as our favourite evil baddie. During that creepy night, the streets fill with vampires, zombies and skeletons on their way to having a good time. Since at Havaianas we want to join-in the party with a terrifyingly original and fun idea, we have come up with some neon-coated flip-flops that glow in the dark. Impressed? Well just look at your friends’ face when, in the middle of the night, they see a pair of mysterious lights walking towards them in the dark…!

This year celebrate Halloween night by wearing these frighteningly amazing flip-flops!

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