Saint Valentine’s is the celebration of love! There are all sorts of love stories and all kinds of love: happy, tragic, intense, brief, hectic, fantastic, fairy-tale…. Which is yours?

At Havaianas we know that the 14th of February is a very special day for everyone, a time to celebrate love in all its forms. In fact, this should not just be done on the 14th: everyday should be a moment of celebration, and this being a leap year, we’ll have an extra day to enjoy love.

One of the sweetest, most iconic and eternal love stories ever is that of Mickey and Minnie. They have travelled the world and beyond, had many adventures, faced adversity and, above all, they always knew they were in good company. Flowers, candy and dancing together never goes out of fashion for them, nor does going for the traditional dinner date or weekend break. Did you know Mickey and Minnie have been together since 1928? An incredible achievement. Love can really work wonders and that is the case for this adorable Disney couple.

During their adventures around the world, these iconic characters have travelled to wonderful places, by boat, plane and even on space rockets to get to all sorts of places around the planet. On the beach, in the mountains, the jungle, by the swimming pool, or on the moon if need be, Mickey and Minnie are always ready to share good times together. The longest relationship in history symbolises eternal love and at Havaianas we also want to remain with you forever, knowing that your flip-flops will be with you everywhere you go. Is there anything more beautiful at Saint Valentine’s than having the image of love wherever you go wearing your Havaianas?

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