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Thousands of miles away, in the heart of Brazil, lies what is known as the lungs of our planet, breathing and cleaning the atmosphere for us, absorbing carbon dioxide, helping to maintain the water cycle and, what’s more, it’s the natural habitat of over 10 million species – some well-know, others yet to be discovered. Apart from achieving all of this, the Amazon Jungle is capable of a miraculous process that enables us to carry on existing: it creates oxygen.
At Havaianas, we are very conscious of what the Amazon basin represents for the rest of the world. In fact, we love and respect this corner of the planet so much that many of the prints on our flip-flops are inspired by Amazon rainforest flora and fauna. We feel it is essential to protect and preserve this area which is visibly being ever increasingly damaged over the years, and to do so, we work together with the IPÊ Foundation (Institute of Ecological Investigation of Brazil).

We have designed an environmentally conscious pair of Havaianas: the IPÊ model inspired on the Amazon. For every pair sold, 7% of the price goes to the Foundation.
The deforestation of the Amazon rainforest puts the entire planet, therefore our own existence, at risk. Fear not, however. Here’s some good news: we can all help to prevent this, very easily, with simple actions that can not only prevent, but reverse this destructive process.

How, you ask? By following the following 9 tips that you can apply in your daily life:

1. Being aware of those around you.
The more of us do this, the greater the benefit for the planet. You know how the saying goes: “strength through unity”.

2. In the kitchen.
Stop using kitchen paper towels and use tea towels, as our nans did in the good old days: they were wise, our nans! Also do away with disposable cutlery and paper plates and cups.

3. Reduce your use of postal (or snail) mail.
Request online notifications instead of hard copy confirmations: one single inhabitant can help save two trees per year by switching to the digitisation of receipts and bills. Ask for online versions of your electricity, telephone, gas bills and bank statements…

4. Environmentally conscious products.
Try to use products that are not harmful to the jungle or that come from companies that support environmental conservation, like Havaianas’ IPÊ model, for instance, where a percentage of the sales price is given to the Foundation it is named after.

5. Environmentally friendly culture.
Lend books, go to libraries and try reading e-books. Millions of trees will thank you and culture will not suffer one bit.

6. Plant a tree.
Or a flower, or a tomato plant.... Whatever it is, as long as it helps reforestation on our planet. No need to do so in the Amazon Jungle. Even with a local gesture, you are supporting our planet’s wellbeing.

7. Use reusable bags. 
When you go shopping, take your canvas bag. Our parents did so before us and we should never have stopped.

8. Buy local and seasonal products.
It’s a fun way to vary the food we eat and it helps the environment.

9. Share this Post.
It’s pollution-free and will help our message get to more people. Remember point number one: “strength through unity”.

Don’t forget, every little grain of sand counts. With a little effort from everyone, we will achieve lots together. That’s what we are attempting to achieve at Havaianas with the IPÊ models collection. With each model purchased, we donate 7% of its value for the conservation and protection of the planet’s lungs. And what’s more, you will have the most fashionable and committed feet on the beach.  A great way to be cool!
Territorio Havaianas Blog – HAVAIANAS IPE 2018
Territorio Havaianas Blog – HAVAIANAS IPE 2018
Territorio Havaianas Blog – HAVAIANAS IPE 2018
Territorio Havaianas Blog – HAVAIANAS IPE 2018

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