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Someone once said Brazil is the country of the future, a ‘land of hope and glory’. At Havaianas we like think of Brazil as, above all, the country of the present, of the ‘right here, right now’, a land rich with racial mix, overflowing with culture and plenty of restless minds at work 24/7.

Every new season that comes around brings with it a wealth of cultural inspiration to the Havaianas designers who then inundate the brand’s collections in colour and wonderful mixes to come up with new models of flip-flops, sandals and wellies inspired by Brazilian music, dance, sculpture or even photography.

Furthermore, Havaianas has been working hand-in-hand for years with local artists to come up with really interesting projects. In 2011, the Havaianas Grafitti project filled the city of São Paulo with strokes of colour by graffiti artists Dinók, Chivitz y Minhau. In 2012, graphic artists Speto, Highgraff and Zezão turned the Havaianas Na Rua collection into an ode to hip-hop, psychedelia and comedy aesthetics. And in 2013, the Mulheres Barbadas (Bearded Women)’s Collective created the most surprising Havaianas model of the season: a fun, deliciously hypnotic frenzy of black and white chaos.
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Meanwhile, other up-and-coming Brazilian artists are still fighting for a spot in the limelight under their own label. This is the case for Sirio Braz, an illustrator who has created his own identity through superimpositions, textures and colours: he calls it the “Pre-colonized Baroque”. Originally from Recife, but living in São Paulo since the late 70s, he creates “surrealist pop landscapes that arise as a counterpoint to the high art style, mixing-in elements of the country’s colonial history; a history which has not yet been told” he explains.
The photographer Claudio Pepper also finds his inspiration in the city, but his reading of the landscape is very different: he sees the city as an object to be studied and developed to create reflexive photography which invites us to contemplate for several minutes and imagine. “My city when photographed is more of a scenery than a landscape, a city seen from within with people and things happening, mixing-in and being lived around it”. Like this bus driving off into the night, leaving a trail of light and of stories behind it.
Not all the music one hears in Brazil is Samba and Bossa Nova. Obvious choices aside, Brazil has a an electronic sound scene that few people know of which is headed by Víctor Ruiz, a musician who has re-worked his Brazilian roots into a more contemporary and exciting dance sound: ”Brazil also has a lot of electronic music” Víctor tells us, “electronic music is growing in Brazil and nowadays we have excellent DJs and producers. I think everyone knows of at least one of our artists and that makes me really happy :)”.

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