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Anyone who has spent time away from his or her natural environment for a while knows that it takes time to adapt to routine again: this is the case for astronauts when they come back from space, for divers when they come back to the surface after exploring the depths of the ocean, and it is also the case for us when we come back from our holidays. The month of September brings with it the promises of adaptation: we give up on summer excesses (too much rich food, too many late nights…) as we get used to our daily routine again.

Perhaps you have decided to start something new this season: a new job, learning a new language, playing an instrument… You have probably also gone back to eating healthily and doing some sport. At Havaianas, we have a far better idea for you.
There are a series of sports you could do, but only one of them is a Cultural Heritage of Humanity: Capoeira. Amazing, isn’t it? Or perhaps not, if you happen to know a little about this sport which is more of an art form, a dance and form of body language and which was, as we were saying, declared to be an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO on 26 November 2014.

Capoeira is far more than a healthy and fun way to get fit, it is part of Brazil’s living history. It is also a philosophy of life for many. Practiced for over five centuries, this national Brazilian sport (remember that football is a British invention!) has now come to be practiced in over 160 countries across the world’s continents.
Territorio Havaianas Blog: Capoeira
Apart from being a beautiful art form, the practice of Capoeira has many benefits: it enhances strength, flexibility, resistance, coordination and balance. As it is a sport which is practiced in a group and with music, it is also an excellent way to make new friends, learn something about Brazil’s history, its language and its instruments.

Despite its spectacular nature, Capoeira is within everyone’s reach: you only have to try the steps and moves you feel comfortable with.
Territorio Havaianas Blog: Capoeira
And in order to make returning to a daily routine easier, we have prepared a playlist with some great tunes to get your motivation going. Hit ‘play’ and get movin’!!!

Havaianas - Workout with Havaianas

Playlist by: DJ Alfonso López

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