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It would probably come as a surprise to most that Havaianas – the world’s best known flip-flops and one of the most recognisable signs of Brazilian culture – are in fact inspired by Japanese culture! What, you say? Indeed, originally, when the first Havaianas were designed, back in 1962, their creators based themselves on the traditional Japanese sandals called Zori, with their rice fibre soles. That’s right, the texture on the sole of your Havaianas is there to evoke the original idea that inspired them.

So, to honour the Japanese side of the most Brazilian of footwear, we invite you to take a spin through the Old Continent of Europe to see that here too we have a special relationship with the Japanese culture. Particularly when it comes to food! For the journey we are suggesting, you travel light as you will only need a pair of chopsticks. We will visit Europe through six of the best and most original Japanese restaurants around, so you can learn to enjoy Oriental food even more and help you get rid of that fear of chopsticks. It’s not hard: you just need a little extra practice!


For the eyes: A wide space, modern looking restaurant, with great service. The décor follows the five elements of Japanese philosophy: water, fire, air, earth and metal.

For the mouth: Murakami is an Izakaya, that is, something like a tapas bar where dishes are made to go with Japanese drinks: Japanese beer, sake, umeshu (plum liqueur)…. Don’t expect to see elaborate dishes but a simple yet great menu with an endless choice of simple Oriental delicacies.

For the rest: A good option for an informal dinner, a get together after work or an outing with friends.

St Martin's Lane, 63-66. http://murakami.london/
Territorio Havaianas Blog - Japanese Restaurants

For the eyes: A gigantic and luscious vertical garden that overlooks the bar. The rest of the space is sober, steeped in darkness, black and mysterious.

For the mouth: There are tasting menus of 6 to 8 dishes, but if you don’t want to eat as much or want to keep the budget lighter, you can choose from the selection of traditional or creative sashimi, and some teppanyaki squid and its mayonnaise and jalapeños.

For the rest: The coolest of venues, in one of the nicest areas of Milan: the Brera District. Beware: long waiting lists.

Via Fiori Chiari, 1A. http://www.sushi-b.it/


For the eye: A welcoming space where you see fish everywhere and where the staff wear fun T-shirts that say “this is not meat”. On the window fronts it reads: “Sea Me: for some a restaurant, for others a fishmongers”.

For the mouth: Anything you can imagine that can be concocted with fish or with seafood.

For the rest: You can also have food which is not Japanese, as long as it’s fish, of course! Ideal for lovers of Japanese food and compatible for those who are not as keen on it.

Rua do Loreto, 21. http://www.peixariamoderna.com/
Territorio Havaianas Blog - Japanese Restaurants
Territorio Havaianas Blog - Japanese Restaurants

For the eyes: 300 m2 split over two floors and decorated in a luxurious tropical jungle style. Is it really a Japanese restaurant? Where are the paper lanterns? And the robata grill?

For the mouth: Zaperoco is a fun culinary bet rooted in a more street-based Japanese gastronomic origin, with a hint of tropical, exotic and Caribbean to it. We recommend the bull Sashimi, the tropical Nigiri and the salmon and ikura (salmon roe) Gunkan.

For the rest: The restaurant includes five different spaces and an extensive list of sakes and cocktails. Fusion and variety.

Calle Velazquez, 102. http://www.zaperocomadrid.com
Territorio Havaianas Blog - Japanese Restaurants
Territorio Havaianas Blog - Japanese Restaurants

For the eyes: Gigantic paper lanterns, forests of umbrellas, open kitchens, neon lights and a 26 meter-long table made of up of a screen where a dragon worms its way along. 500 m² of creative madness by French designer, Philippe Starck.

For the mouth: Veal tataki, black salmon, squid ink bread.... All of the dishes have a touch of provocative originality to them, as do the prices.

For the rest: During the summer months, there is an open terrace and an extensive list of cocktails and DJs.

Avenue George V, 49/51. http://www.miss-ko.com


For the eyes: Walls decorated with small vertical gardens that break the sobriety of a space dominated by dark tones, wood, bricks and dimmed lighting.

For the mouth: Try any of the sushi dishes (the chef is an expert), dim sum, grilled squid or Korean-style ribs. There is also a tasting menu with 4/6 dishes.

For the rest: MUN’s head chef beautifully mixes Asian cuisine – which he learned from his mother and his extensive experience making sushi – with the heritage of having lived a long time in Argentina. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

Innere Wiener Strasse, 18. http://www.munrestaurant.de
Territorio Havaianas Blog - Japanese Restaurants

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