Havaianas joins forces with Happy Socks to launch a very special collection! At Havaianas, we have always loved breaking the mould, and what better way to do so than by working with the makers of the funniest and most uplifting socks in the world to create this new wild collection?! After all, where does it say that socks and flip-flops can't get along?

This collection brings the best of the summer and winter together: the colour and good vibes of Havaianas with the comfort and fun of Happy Socks. From this cocktail of ingredients, we got the perfect blend resulting in three excitingly different sets of toe socks and flip-flops: for the first time ever, you'll be able to enjoy both in the same pack!

This is a new range thought out for all those out there who already have their mind geared toward the summer season, but who are not quite ready to forget about the winter. It's for those who switch between hot and cold weather, and for those who want it all. That's why Happy Socks x Havaianas offers this new alternative idea: matching flip-flops & toe socks that draw their inspiration from the abundant Swedish snow and the baking hot Brazilian sunshine.


The different styles in this collection evoke the summer without forgetting the warmth needed during wintertime. Indeed, it's good to be positive all year around.

The first style features summery and wintery motifs including mountains, waves, snowmen and beach umbrellas, set against a background of red and pink stripes. This perfect combination will cool your summers down and warm up your winters.

If your thing is big adventures, you could go for the style inspired by the most daring of surfers and ultra-fast downhill skiers: a design that perfectly conveys the search for sporty fun all year round. Happy Socks x Havaianas simply spell pure pleasure!

Finally, you could also get the amusing design featuring tropical palm trees, parrots and… a moose… yes, a moose! The turquoise background colour combines the best of both worlds, providing you and your look with the most fun and positive aspect of each season.

Joins us in the Happy Socks x Havaianas adventure and go for the coolest of ground-breaking looks: it will leave no one out!

Will you dare to become a trend-setter and break the mould?

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