Carnival is already here! It’s the time of the year when the streets burst into explosions of colour, people put on their best and parties take over the cities everywhere. All around the world, celebrations take place in very different ways but each is unique, fascinating and loved by tourists who come to watch or take part. It goes from the elegant Carnival of Venice to the mind-blowing shows of Brazil’s Carnival, our personal favourite.

Samba rhythms and a multitude of impressive parades take over every bit of Brazil, as the whole country celebrates the joy of living for several days. Brazil’s magnificent and sensational culture quickly wins over anyone who comes into contact with it, be it locals or tourists. No wonder it is one of the favourite travel destinations at this time of the year: the music, dances, costumes made of colour, tassels and sparkle, the lights, fireworks, masks and make-up, the food and drink…. All of it so inviting that you can’t do otherwise but join in the fun and revelry of the parades.


The iconic Rio de Janeiro Carnival is the event not to be missed by anyone claiming to be a lover of experiences that involve all five senses. Cariocas (residents of Rio de Janeiro) know how to have fun like no-one else and during these days they find every imaginable way to party. They invite anyone wanting to take part to come and discover the true spirit of celebration with its dances, caipirinhas, parades and sleepless nights. For the more daring, it all culminates in a dive in the sea. Each region of Brazil has its very own way of celebrating Carnival, and although the best known is that of Rio de Janeiro with its procession of enormous floats and its samba school parade, the rest of the country has just as magnificent and spectacular shows..

For instance, in Salvador, in the north-eastern state of Bahia, huge crowds also gather to celebrate the symbolic handing over of the city’s keys to Rey Momo (King Momo), who presides over the event. The rhythm of music here is not samba but rather axé, a musical style resulting from a mix of several influences running from reggae to calypso an frevo, a frenetic rhythm of wind and metallic instruments. São Paulo offers a somewhat less unrestrained version of celebrations, even if street parties and the sambódromo samba school parades are still present, but it could be the right option for those wanting to enjoy some fun in a more moderate way. Carnival is about everything we love at Havaianas, that’s why we hope you will join in the celebrations: whichever you like, as long as you have the best time of your life.

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