Havaianas Curiosities

Like any good history, Havaianas' is filled with memorable events, milestones and plenty of anecdotes. Similarly, and it couldn't possibly be any other way, ever since the famous flip-flops came to be, we have lived through a series of moments that make Havaianas a unique brand in the world. We'd like to share a few of these incredible moments with you.

Havaianas was born in 1962. In Portuguese, 'havaianos/as' is a word used to refer to the inhabitants of Hawaii. And what better way to name our sandals than this!

Havaianas' origins lie in Japan. Yes, that's right! The brand's first ever model of flip-flops were inspired by traditional Japanese sandals known as zori. The texture of the Havaianas flip-flop soles evokes the rice fibre with which zori sandals are handmade. That's what makes Havaianas unmistakable.


Could one say that Havaianas invented flip-flops? The answer is yes! In 1966, the rubber sandals were patented and turned out to be the brand's greatest invention. Since then, we have never stopped creating new models.

As is often the case in such situations, one of Havaianas' greatest successes was the result of a "mistake". To begin with, the flip-flops were only made in blue and white, but due to a manufacturing error a green version was made and sold. This was a huge success and spelled to start of the marketing of several other colours.


How important are Havaianas in Brazilian peoples' lives? Greater than you might imagine. In 1973, Havaianas became a central element of Brazilians' everyday life. The government, seeing how essential the flip-flop models had become, added them to the basic needs products list –  in order to curb the inflation of their price –  along with other products such as rice or beans.

The 'Brasil' model is one of the most famous in the brand's history. But, do you know why? To celebrate the 1998 Football World Cup in France, we launched a brand with Brazil's flag in order to wish the seleção (the country's football team) good luck in this importing sporting event. Although the final outcome did not go to plan, the model became an authentic icon for the summer which can be seen all over the world.

Havaianas' history is full of such memorable moments, but we would like to share many more with all of you. How about you, do you know which your favourite Havaianas model is?

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