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Gaylord Nelson was more than a Wisconsin senator and “dreamer” of the 1970’s. He was an activist who founded an event, celebrated April 22, leading to the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency. Since then, every year around that date we have heard countless messages to raise awareness on preserving the environment.

We are also doing our part for the cause, so here’s our message for you. Close your eyes and come with us to Brazil.

We’re entering the Amazon, one of the planet's largest reserves of biodiversity. Surrounded by new scents and sounds and humid, pure air, you get away from it all and forget the hectic rush of the concrete jungle.
They call this forest the “lungs of the planet”. Every three days a new species of animal is discovered, and there are over 40,000 species of plants in this area spanning over five and half million square meters. Some fifty tribes still live in the vast tropical forest, scattered among 215 ethnic groups and speaking around 170 different languages.

Truly impressive figures. But deforestation is still going on, and biodiversity shrinks year after year. We have to act or it will disappear.

If you want to play your part, here are our tips.

Havaianas has been working for over 10 years with Brazil's institute for environmental study, IPÊ. We design special collections featuring animals and plants endogenous to Brazilian forests, like these ones:
Territorio Havaianas Blog_IPE_3
Image: Territorio havaianas Blog_IPE_4
Too cute! This collection donates 7% of proceeds to IPÊ, which works to protect flora and fauna in Brazil, restore landscapes and support other projects to improve the quality of life of local communities.

In addition to raising funds for a good cause closely tied to Havaianas’ origins, we hope to raise sustainable awareness in another Havaianas “tribe”, our readers.

Look what we have managed to save with this partnership: over 1.5 million trees.

Time to catch our return flight from Brazil, wearing our IPÊ Havaianas and a satisfied smile.

“Anything worth doing, is worth doing in flip-flops”


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