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It’s here!!!! The New Year is upon us with all its celebrations among friends and family, each of us having followed our own special ritual to ring in 2017: some will have eaten grapes, like in Spain, others will have thrown old belongings out the window, others still, like in Germany, might have rubbed some ash on their forehead for good luck and health, or there might have been the traditional kiss to loved ones on the twelve strokes of midnight.  But there is one tradition that is shared in all the countries around the world: making New Year’s resolutions, those promises we make to ourselves to ensure the incoming year will be even better than the one just gone past. Perhaps you have already made your resolutions, and at Havaianas we say: “This year I want to turn the winter into summer”, and in order to have this wish come true, we have some simple resolutions to offer.
  1. Start the day with a routine that gets you going and helps you face the day: it might be a morning walk, going to the gym, or simply to put your favourite song on really loud! You’ll be ready to face anything the day brings on.

  2. Keep your friends close: send them little messages to say good morning, invite them to the cinema when they least expect it and share your worries and doubts with them. It will only serve to strengthen your friendship.

  3. Try to be in charge of your life rather than letting life control you: when you feel the pace of the day is too much for you, stop everything. Go for a breath of fresh air, do a few breathing exercises and “switch off” for a few minutes. Concentrate on your own breathing. When you open your eyes again, you will feel stronger and ready to face anything.

  4. Enjoy the small things: life is full of those little moments that can put a smile on your face: the taste of a great coffee, the cold winter breeze on your face, throwing a few snowballs around, looking at a dog rolling around in the grass...

  5. Appreciate yourself more: for what you are, for what you do, for those who are around you…. As Marilyn Monroe once said, “Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are”. Be yourself.

  6. Be positive: be open to the possible changes the New Year may bring in your life. Changes are inevitable and they are often necessary for one to grow as a person.

  7. Put some colour in your life. And we don’t just mean you to pull out the reds, blues or greens out of your cupboard, to do some colour-therapy to recharge your batteries. We also mean that you should spruce-up your everyday life a bit: why not go out for a walk on a Tuesday? Or try a parachute jump sometime? Do a surprise romantic weekend? Say yes and feel free!!

  8. Listen to your inner ‘self’: your inner ‘me’ is wise, it has been around with you from the start and knows you better than you do yourself. Listen to its advice and act accordingly. You will end up feeling freer.

  9. Try making new friends: this does not mean giving up on the old ones but rather expanding your circle of friends. Friendship is a precious gift, and it is always good to meet new people. And they can become new friend to your friends too! As the saying goes, the more the merrier!

  10. Live your life according to the Havaianas philosophy: fun, friendship, colour, energy.... As Albert Einstein once said: “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving”. Just make sure you keep up the pace!

How about you? What do you wish for this year? Finish the following sentence for us: “This year I would like…”

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