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Listen!! Can you hear it? It’s the sound of music calling! Guitars, drums and microphones are all getting warmed up because, with the nice weather on its way, the festivals season is also upon us everywhere. If you have ever experienced the power of music when surrounded by thousands of people, then you know exactly what we are talking about! If this is new to you, then 2017 is your year!

To say that a Music Festival is just a place you go to see your favourite band would be like saying that capoeira is just a sport and caipirinha is just a drink. Festivals are so much more than about listening to music in a crowd…. Many things can happen at a festival: you meet people, you dance with strangers, you make new friendships, you experience the intoxicating effect of dancing, you go to stands and flee-markets, you share experiences, you come across new destinies… what’s more, you would not be the first person to fall in love at a festival! And, yes, all that whilst you are enjoying your favourite artist or band!

At festivals, you “party a lot and sleep a little”. During the spring and summer months in Europe, there’s a load of events – ranging from hard rock to the more hypnotic techno – and you might endure anything from 40°C heat to pouring rain and mud. Being the mad festival lovers that we are, at Havaianas we have drawn up a calendar that includes some of the main events and, while we’re at it, we’d also like to recommend some of the more interesting ones.
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SPAIN. Sónar. 15-16/17/06. Barcelona

What’s it about: Labelled ‘the biggest nightclub in the world’, Sónar celebrates its 24th year as the standard bearer of the world’s best advanced music, betting on the latest trends and setting itself up as a massive laboratory for creative sounds.

Who goes: Lovers of synthetic rhythms, electronic music and machines with souls. Every year, around 120 thousand people are drawn to the concerts held in either of their two modes: 'Sónar de día' (Sónar by Day) – to enjoy more ethereal sounds –, or ‘Sónar de noche’ (Sónar by Night) – for the creatures of the night who are into techno and house music.

Line-up: 9 stages and 140 dance artists, trap, noise or digital reggaeton. Everything from Justice to Soulwax, Eric Prydz, Moderat and even Nina Kraviz.

Havaianas' tip: Havaianas tribal for the girls. Havaianas 4 Nite for the guys.

UK. Glastonbury. 21-25/06/2017. Pilton.

What’s it about: Possibly the best known and most publicised festival of those that are still around nowadays, and for many, the biggest outdoor festival in the world (around 175 000 attendees). It’s nothing like the very first festival in 1970 – then known as the Pilton Pop, Blues & Folk Festival – that gathered some 1 500 people. It’s less about blues and folk and more about pop and rock nowadays.

Who goes: Anyone wanting to see the legends and heroes who have defined the history of Rock with a big “R”: the likes of David Bowie, the Rolling Stones, Lou Reed or, more recently, Oasis.

2017 Line-up: Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Ed Sheeran, Kris Kristofferson.

Havaiana's Tip: Origines cool for the girls. Origines Slim for the guys.

ITALY. Rock in Roma. 23/06/2017 – 03/08/2017. Roma

What’s it about: One of the most important festivals in Italy, and also one of the most attended: around 300 000 people have turned up at previous editions. Rock in Roma does not take place over a few short days but, rather, spreads over the length of the entire summer season. All of the concerts take place at the Capannelle Racecource.

Who goes: Although it has a rather varied billboard, those who live for lively and genuine rock will be more than pleased, as will visitors looking for a good gastronomic excuse and reason to visit the Eternal City.

2017 Line-up: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kasabian, Marilyn Manson, The Offspring...

Havainas' tip: Slim Special Collection for the ladies. Origine Yatch for the guys.

PORTUGAL. Nos Alive. 6-8/07/2017. Lisbon.

What’s it about: One of the ‘younger’ festivals with only 10 years behind it, but it has opened the doors to groups that have never set foot on Portuguese soil, like The White Stripes and Beastie Boys. It has received several European Festival Awards. British electronica trio Years & Years’ frontman Olly Alexander once said at a concert: “It’s really hot here. Oh my god the sea is right there. I think this is the most beautiful place we’ve ever played!” The venue is just a huge carpark the rest of the year.

Who goes: Lovers of rock, indie and dance music, with the indispensable sunscreen factor 50. Beach by day, concerts by night: the perfect mix!

2017 Line-up: Depeche Mode, Foo Fighters, The Kills...

Havainas' tip: Slim candy for the girls. Top stripes for the guys.

GERMANY. Rock am Ring. 02-04/06/2017. Nürburgring

What’s it about: Originally conceived as a massive concert, thanks to its success, Rock am Ring turned into a yearly fixture with mixed fortunes, nearly disappearing in 1988, in order to better come back in 1991. Since then, the festival has combined experience and wisdom with new sap, in a clever mix of well established artists and new and upcoming ones.

Who goes: Rock am Ring is the meeting place of a public which is as varied as the artists it lines-up. For the three days of the festival, some 90 000 hardy music lovers come together there.

2017 Line-up: System of a Down, Simple Plan, Rammstein, Liam Gallagher...

Havaianas' tip: Origines with prints for both the boys and girls.

FRANCE. Lollapalooza. 22-23/007/2017. Paris.

What’s it about: The Lollapalooza Brand is celebrating its second European edition after its first ‘landing’ in Germany in 2015. The music festival lead by Perry Farrell, Jane's Addiction frontman, will take place on 22 and 23 July at the Longchamps Hippodrome, in the French capital.

Who goes: As the festival was bourne of the will to showcase the 90s culture through alternative rock, indie and punk rock, the public that turned up in the first years (the festival actually first took place in 1991) was essentially the so-called Generation X, i.e., those born in between the 60s and 80s. Over time, the public has become more diverse and also younger.

2017 Line-up: Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Weeknd, Imagine Dragons, Lana del Rey and DJ Snake, amongst others.

Havaianas' tip: Origines stripes for both him and her. A very French Bohème style for your feet.

You can’t make up your mind on which festival to go to? They’re all great, right? Perhaps the playlist that we have compiled for you at Havaianas will help you decide!

Music Festivals with Havaianas

Playlist by: DJ Alfonso López

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