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The long summer evenings are nearly upon us, and we can nearly smell the sea, the breeze, the caipirinhas on the beach, the laughter, the music…. We’re nearly stepping into the summer with exactly 21 days to go, no more, no less. It’s a countdown which can be too slow, but we have the solution to make it shorter and to welcome the summer in properly.
Territorio Havaianas Blog - Italy Event

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Territorio Havaianas Blog - Italy Event
Since we have the excuse of the inauguration of our new shop in Riccione, on the Adriatic Coast, we have customised one of the trendiest fashion beach clubs in the area: the Flamingo Beach Club which opened on 31st May. Can you imagine a club on the beachfront customised in the purest of Havaianas styles? Palm trees, colour, dancing, a lot of good vibes and music. Loads of music, in fact, to welcome in the new summer season. So much music that we invited Roshelle, Italy’s X-Factor singer, to the inauguration.

On 2nd June, all the fans of good music and of Havaianas were able to enjoy the concert Roshelle gave in our new Riccione store. After that, they were able to chat, do selfies with her, and upload their pics to Instagram to make others a little envious.
Territorio Havaianas Blog - Italy Event
Territorio Havaianas Blog - Italy Event
With the concert in mind, Havainas made a very special rickshaw available to everyone, to take punters from the Flamingo Beach Club to the new Havaianas store at Viale Ceccarini, 92, to enjoy some of the great music.
Territorio Havaianas Blog - Italy Event
If you missed it all, don’t panic, we have made ALL the pictures of the event available for you!

Fancy inaugurating the summer with us in Riccione? The beach, the beach bar, the umbrellas, the good music and the Havaianas Spirit are being prepared: and the cherry on the cake? That’s you! What? You need the address? Here is a reminder of the key venues needed to enjoy the summer world of Havaianas:

  • Flamingo beach Club, Vía Torino, 7, Riccione, Italy. To enjoy the long sunny days on the beach and the sunsets sipping a refreshing caipirinha.
  • Havaianas Riccione store, Viale Ceccarini, 92, Riccione, Italy. To find the perfect outfit before stepping out onto the beach.
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