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Over the last few months we have been celebrating! Indeed, our Slim model has been around for a decade, can you believe it? For 10 years now, this iconic model - which had the size of its straps reduced to make it more elegant - has donned women’s dainty feet around the world. After all, bikini straps got thinner, so it made sense that Havaianas straps should follow suit!

As any special birthday deserves to be celebrated, we decided to do things in style. We drew-up a guest list, decorated one of our most special venues in Europe: the Barcelona store, and served something very tropical to pick at and to cool down with on a hot summer afternoon.
Territorio Havaianas Blog
Territorio Havaianas Blog
Our special guest was @Dulceida, who was our master of ceremonies. She signed autographs, took selfies with everyone and did a live interview (if you want to see it, all you have to do is visit our Facebook page here). So, what would your favourite model of Havaianas be? What kind of look do you think goes best with your Havaianas?
Of course, we could not forget about some presents for the Slim model fans. We wanted to thank them for all these years of steadfast loyalty and thought the best way to do so was to have a very Havaianas-style present: a giant flip flop-shaped mat for those of you who came to the store on that day to purchase your own pair of Slims. But we did not forget all those who were not able to stop by, in Barcelona, perhaps because there were too many miles to travel to come and see us. For all of you, we have prepared a very special present with Dulceida: a playlist to enable you to partake in the great atmosphere of the event held on that warm Barcelona afternoon.

Havaianas - Slim Anniversary

Playlist by: Dulceida

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