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You have probably started off the year with a few more pounds than you would like. That’s ok, we all did! End-of-year excesses are the norm, but don’t worry, the summer is still some way away and you have a few months to get ready. The time has come to start a healthier routine. We know that with the cold weather, it’s hard to get going and do some outdoor sports, so here are some ideas of exercise we can do indoors.

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Gym Time with Havaianas

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Few sports are as complete as swimming. Apart from that, swimming is good at any age and is a perfect way to lose weight. You may sweat, but you don’t notice as you are in the water! On top of that, is there anything more gratifying than a dip in lukewarm water when you know that outside it is below 0° degrees Celsius? If you want to enjoy an incident-free day at the pool, we recommend you wear Havaianas Action flip flops: they have a strap around the heel to maintain your foot. This will help avoid you slipping and hurting yourself on the swimming-pool floor.
Perhaps water is not your thing and you prefer to work out and do more intensive cardio-vascular exercise. Perhaps your objective this year is to increase your muscle mass? In that case, working out is definitely your thing. And that old excuse, “the gym is boring” just won’t do. Nowadays there are so many different kinds of sports that when you walk into a gym it’s almost like walking into an attraction park: if you are looking for action, why not do some kick-boxing; if you enjoy funk and hip-hop, then try a Body Jam session; if you are looking to improve your flexibility and balance, then try aeroyoga; and if you want to look like ‘Thor’, then start doing some CrossFit.

And when it’s shower time, don’t forget your Havaianas Power flip flops, the athletes’ favourite model which, thanks to its rubber injection sole and wider straps, are even more comfortable and give your feet some relief.
We also recommend that this winter your spoil yourself a little. When you find that stress is getting on top of you, give yourself a break and go to the Spa. Spend a few hours switching off and forgetting about the world amid the swirls of warm water a steaming hot sauna. Or even better: why don’t you get away for a whole Spa weekend break. Your skin and your body will thank you for it. Of course, don’t forget to take your pair of Havaianas Aero Graphics, which comes in three different colours and a mesmerizing fingerprint waves design. They are both comfy and cool at the same time.

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