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Hello? Anyone reading us on the other side of the screen?

We sure hope so, because today we’re celebrating! And in true Brazilian style, that deserves some dancing, caipirinhas and irresistible music.

We’re opening this new window onto the world to unravel that nine-letter word that has so profoundly redefined flip-flops, they’ve earned their own name: HAVAIANAS.

Admit it, you’re dying for a peek, right? Then come with us and discover a thousand and one tales.

First we’ll travel to the coolest places in Europe with a Brazilian feel, as well as some curious corners of Brazil.
Territorio Havaianas Blog Hello World!

Original Do Brasil desde 1962

If you’re thinking of seeing the Olympics in Río this year, keep your eyes on this blog. We’ll be sharing everything you need to know for an authentic “carioca” look.

We’ll also put up music for those long summer evenings, city rooftop parties, or simply chilling out under the sun.
Of course there’ll be fashion tips, too! As if we could forget all our die-hard fashionistas out there…

We’ll be serving up the most summery looks, street-style inspiration, ideas from it girls and fashion experts – all spiced up with a little Havaianas Style!

All this and more. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for new discoveries, feelings, and experiences.
Did you think we could do all that alone? Not a chance! Fashion bloggers, YouTubers, DJs, travel vloggers, and experts on Brazilian culture will all contribute so you know what not to miss if you travel to Brazil.

We think you’re going to love what we have put together, and hope that you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.
Territorio Havaianas Blog Hello World
Welcome to a new tribe! Welcome to…


Havaianas Manifesto

“Attention! You are now entering a flip flop zone. Proper footwear required.”


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