Territorio Havaianas


The autumn is upon us, and that means so is the rain! If at Havaianas we think that every cloud has a silver lining, we also believe there is a good reason to be cheerful: the wellies season has arrived! And along with it, jumping in puddles just like when we were kids, or singing in the rain…

One of the features that best defines our brand is the fact we like to inject a bit of fun and colour into life, especially on gloomy days. This collection of rain boots is defined by its models for all kinds of women. Because we can all chose to be fun, elegant, spontaneous, glamorous, sophisticated, classical, extroverted…

However, sometimes, it’s hard to work out how to combine this classic pair of autumn footwear. So, we've asked our Style It Up Fashion bloggers to share some outfit ideas with you, exclusively, to help inspire you for this autumn. Catia and Margarida have also left us some great advice for you, in Bloggers’ talk!


“The summer is officially over! We can, however, have some fun trying on some winter footwear! And since at this time of the year, the autumn arrives with some rainy days, why not be prepared with Havaianas! They are super comfortable! The hard part is going to be not wearing them on sunny days! This is just one of the colours available to you. You could also choose high boot models which work well with skirts or dresses, for instance!
That’s my tip!”



“The time has come to get ready for those rainy days. We don’t have a lot of time ahead of us so the best way to face the gloomy weather is by being cheerful and with outfits that make us feel good! If you think that rainy days are not synonymous with a feminine look, it’s because you have not yet discovered the new Havaianas wellies! From the more sombre to the more colourful models, we have something for every taste! :) I have chosen these colourful ones, my favourite for this season, to brighten up the grey days. You could combine them with the more classic looks to add a touch of colour or, like me, you can go for a more feminine and colourful look. But you know, even light colours can be used during the winter to brighten-up our days, wouldn’t you agree? The best part is that they are super comfortable! :)”


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