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If one looks up the meaning of the word “travel” in any dictionary, one will probably find a rather simple and unexciting definition like: “To travel is to go from place to place; to journey; to visit places, especially foreign countries”. That’s why we prefer to turn to the more poetic definitions which might have been used in the imaginative and beautiful minds of the likes of Fernando Pessoa, the Portuguese poet, who explained journeys in the following way: “Travel is the traveller. What we see isn’t what we see but what we are.” We cannot think of a better or more beautiful way to describe such a meaningful word.
George, Marta, Nicolò, Anton, Little J, and Mia Rose are all young European bloggers. Each of them with their own style and their own language. English, Spanish, Italian, German, French and Portuguese. These young women and men are like a small Tower of Babel version 2.0, with their mobiles on the go and their social networks constantly busy. None of them knew each other… until the day Havaianas called them up and invited them to travel over to Salvador de Bahía, in North-eastern Brazil, to find out about the place where ‘it all started’. They didn’t think twice about it!

The adventure lasted one whole week, during which they all shared experiences, adventures and loads of laughs. And each of them lived it and travelled it, as Pessoa put it, his or her own way.

Find out about each of their stories and experiences in their respective Blogs, here:
There is something they all did the same way, however. Towards the end of the trip, our group of adventurers went to visit the Church of Nosso Senhor do Bomfim, where they bought the famous good luck ribbon charms. Each of these has a different colour and meaning: white for knowledge; red for passion and desire; yellow for prosperity; blue for loyalty…. According to tradition, one has to wrap the ribbon around one’s wrist twice and tie three knots in it. For each knot, one makes a wish. All one has to do after that is to wait for time to do its job and fray the ribbon away until it falls off. Only then will the wishes come true. We bet we know at least one of the wishes they made: to return to Brazil soon!

Do not miss a thing about this trip to Brazil. Check out all the pictures here.

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