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So, summer’s here. We’ve been waiting for it for months but now it has arrived. It was hard going but well worth the wait. The warmth, the sun and long daylight hours: they all set the scene for us to enjoy life without limits. Summer is the ideal time to do all those things you’ve been itching to do during those winter months but couldn’t and also for you to discover there’s still plenty to do out there.
At Havaianas, we want to help you make this the best summer of your life. For that, we’ve come up with ‘Lilo Day’ which, like any decent trend of thought, has its motto and rules to follow. As it’s a trend which is all about summer and fun, we can’t think of a better way to symbolise our little summer revolution than with a lilo (can you think of anything cooler and more fun?). Plus it comes with 10 intentions as part of our manifesto. Try and follow some of them: they’ll help you enjoy the summer 100%!

The 'Lilo Manifesto' Intentions

1. Everyone is entitled to a summer.
It is a universal right, whether you are in the mountains, on the beach or in town. The summer should be enjoyed by all, wherever and however you are.  It’s in you. Let it be.

2. The summer is meant for having fun.
Because it’s nice out. Because the days are longer. Because it’s warmer. Because we have more free time. Because we’re all a little happier.... Need any more reasons?

3. Enjoy your friends.
It’s the perfect excuse to meet up with your loved ones and spend good times with them. The best time of the year to catch a plane and get away to see that long lost childhood friend you’ve connected with on social networks.
 4. Put together a playlist
There’s no decent summer without decent music to go with it. It may be that song they play over and over again on the radio or a tune you heard by chance somewhere. Try listening to different styles or artists you don’t know.

Havaianas Europe - Let's Summer!

5. For each day gone by, there’s an evening to be enjoyed.
Be it on the beach, a rooftop, in a park or on a terrace. If the day went well for you, it deserves to be given a good send-off.

6. Say “yes” to love
The summer is also the time for falling in love, whether you’re looking for it or not. The expression ‘summer love’ came about precisely because it’s at this time of the year that we are most receptive to opening up our hearts. So, if you find your heart racing, don’t shy away, enjoy the moment!

7. Do something crazy
A trek through the jungle? Parachute jumping? Scuba-diving classes? Ask someone to marry you? There’s millions of ways to do something wacky. Find yours

8. Change your ‘dress code’
It’s hot, and you want to feel cool and relaxed, wearing something more casual…. Kick off you heels, get rid of that tie, leave the suit in the cupboard but keep that touch of ‘chic’: a little summer dress or short trousers will do the job nicely at this time of the year. And a pair of Havaianas will give your look at finishing touch.

9. Put your feelings into words.
Say ‘I love you’ more often: to your partner, to friends, to the family, to the loved ones who are part of your life. Saying 'I love you' is the best linguistic exercise ever to ensure your summer is happy and filled with good vibes.

10. Not withoug my lilo
Colourful, cool, fun….The Havaianas lilo is the best and most fun way to get around on water. This summer, make sure you get one, and try to stick to the intentions in our manifesto. It will help make your summer even better!

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