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Each and every one of us has a favourite place where we like to spend the summer. Be it in a big city, a little seaside resort or a lost village in the mountains: these are places where we've had amazing experiences that we will remember forever and that we would like to go back to during the colder months of the year. These places will always have a special place in our heart and just thinking about them brings back the true spirit of summer.

But there are places where the word 'summer' is written in capital letters: corners of the world with a unique spirit, a way of living unlike any other, that anyone going there falls in love with. Such places stand for a summer way of life and are known for this throughout the world. You must have heard of summers in Ibiza, Mykonos or Tel Aviv?

That's because one lives the summer in a different way in the Mediterranean. It's about the laid back pace of life, the local people's great vibes, the long days spent in the sun and hectic fun nights: that's what makes the Mediterranean coast an idyllic place to be. And that's why at Havaianas we've launched an exclusive collection with designs inspired by the light and colour of these three locations: models that exude the summery life and soul which seduces anyone who goes to Ibiza, Mykonos or Tel Aviv.


The island among islands! Almost a pilgrimage destination for thousands of people every year who seek its good vibrations and want to enjoy its incomparable sunsets. Indeed, the real fun begins as soon as the sun goes down and partying is what Ibiza is all about!

The magical spirit that overflows on the island also known by Spaniards as isla blanca (white island) is represented by World Family Ibiza in the following two exclusive models. What better way to immerse yourself in Ibiza's good vibes than by starting from the feet up, by wearing one of these exclusive models?

Local Soul


Can you picture a place that has it all: culture, luxury, crystalline waters, sun and good vibes? Well, it exists and it's in Greece! The island of Mykonos has everything you need to liven up the summer: a good mix of glamour and fun as well as elegance and freedom.

The landscape here is unmistakable. The colour of sea and sky against the white buildings is one of the most representative and refreshing images of a Mediterranean summer. Now you can have these on your feet: Greek photographer Marina Vernicos has created two models that will be sold exclusively on the island so you can wear the blue of its waters wherever you go.


Local Soul

Tel Aviv

If we had to sum up this megacity in three words, we would say love, colour and freedom. But even then, that would not do it justice, because this place is in a league of its own: a city where each quarter is a whole new world, where good vibes are in its DNA and where the colours and light are simply captivating.

Local artist Rafi Pérez  has drawn his inspiration from this atmosphere to create two new exclusive models: designs overflowing with colour and the freedom-loving style of the city.

Local Soul

These six pairs of flip-flops can only be found in the official Havaianas sales points in each city: . an extra reason to travel to these places and enjoy a great holiday!

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