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There is no summer without music! We’ve often said so on this blog. Songs are part of our life and, undoubtedly part of our summers. Evenings on the beach, chilling out in the early hours of the morning, partying on the sand, having a cool dip in the afternoon sea, getting up to greet the dawn…. Even summer love has its own soundtrack!

And of course, among all the songs we hear between one dip and the other, there’s bound to be one that sticks and that we can’t get out of our head. We hum it whilst driving, we whistle it when walking around, we wake up to it, go to sleep singing it…. It then turns into ‘THE’ summer song.  Indeed, there are plenty of tracks out there, but only one of them makes it to the highest step on the podium and becomes a number one!

This summer, in 2018, that special place has been taken by a king and queen: Maluma and Lellêzinha. The world-renowned and talented Colombian singer teams up the sensual voice of the Brazilian diva to compose a great tune you can dance to, sing to and enjoy any time, day or night. The title is already a declaration of intent: ‘Let’s summer!’ The song lyrics are an authentic ode to this time of year when all our worries disappear and happiness takes over. It’s a great tune, with lots of rhythm, power and cheek, which sums up to perfection what really matters during these hot summer months of the year.
Territorio Havaianas Blog - Maluma and Lellezinha’s summer hit
Maluma no longer needs to be introduced: the 24 year old singer has turned into a worldwide phenomenon thanks to hits such as 'Corazón' or 'Colours'. He is the king of Reggaeton. As for the Rio-born artiste, in 2013 she became the vocalist of the ‘Dream Team do Passinho’, a band which was discovered through a contest searching for new musical talent. Lellêzinha proved that she can not only sing and dance: she also acts in a TV series and in movies. Her fame has grown very fast, and she is now a reference on the Brazilian music front. It’s a similar story to that of Havaianas which, when it first came out, quickly made it to the top as an icon, first locally, then worldwide, until it eventually was to be found on 94% of Brazilians’ feet as well as in an extremely high percentage of the world population’s.

Maluma and Lellêzinha’s song (which you will not be able to get out of your head once you hear it) mixes-in Portuguese, English and Spanish and it is available on all music streaming platforms. If you’ve not already seen the video, you must! What are you waiting for? It’s a real energy booster and will awaken that urge for the summer to kick off.

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