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It’s the month of November, late on a Friday evening. The weather is horrid. Outside, it’s raining relentlessly and it doesn’t look as though it is going to stop any time soon. Indoors, a couple is watching the pouring rain through the window. A mobile phone rings.

- Hi, how are you? What are you up to?
- Not much. Just looking at the rain falling outside. It won’t stop!
- Same here; we were planning on going out for dinner but we don’t feel like it anymore.
- That figures. We were thinking of going to the cinema but with this weather, we can’t be bothered. Hey, I’ve got an idea...!

Half an hour later a group of friends is chatting around a table strewn with bits of pizza, salad and half-empty glasses.

- Would you like to see the wedding pictures?
- Don’t push it! We were all there, remember? And they’re all on your Facebook page anyway.
v - How about a TV series? I’ve got up to the last season of Game of Thrones, the one where the main guy…
- Stop! Don’t tell me! I’ve not seen it yet!!!
- How about a film, then?
- I’ve got a better idea. Let’s make one.
Territorio Havaianas - Movie Night

Havaianas Kids Slim Pop

Ten minutes later, our little group of friends is putting its acting abilities and movie knowledge to the test with mimes. It’s a classic: we’ve all done that on some cold winter evening!

You put your hand in front your mouth and breathe heavily. Stick your arms out and pretend you’re holding onto sword… of perhaps a lightsaber?

Here’s another. You rub yourself as if it were cold, …very, very cold. Then you move around as if you were in a magical world, building snowmen.

One last one: one finger. You trace a symbol on yourself. Then you stick your arm out in front of you, fist shut, and keep the other arm behind you, as if you were about to fly off like… a superhero?

There’s no denying it: movies are part of our lives. At Havaianas we are also passionate about the silver screen. In fact, we like movies so much that we have models of flip-flops that come in every genre and for all types of audiences: are you a fan of superhero films? Do you sometimes feel like a princess? Or better still, can you picture yourself cruising through the galaxy in a space-craft? At some point, you must have come out with the famous line “I am your father”. And to include this infinity, and beyond, you’ll even find a pair of flip-flops with popcorn on them!
Territorio Havaianas - Movie Night

Havaianas Star Wars

Territorio Havaianas - Movie Night

Havaianas Star Wars

Havaianas Star Wars

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