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In Rio the beach is so important, locals don't say "have a nice day", but rather "have a nice beach day" ( 'Tenha uma boa praia'). Brilliant!

Rio's nine kilometres of beaches form a complex universe drawing all sorts of people. They go to see or be seen; for family time or quiet time; to laze in the sun or to channel Pelé. This little cosmos is perfectly divvied up by lifeguard stations called "postos". Not only are they a convenient meeting point ("I'm at Posto 4 with the girl in the orange bikini"), but beachgoers also use them to decide which area – and which crowd – they want to join for a perfect day on the sand. To help you find the Posto with your kind of people, take our quiz to find "The right Posto for you".

  • Are you the quiet type who likes reading a good book by the sea? Head for Posto 1.
  • Action, water sports and sunsets are more your thing? Then your best bet is Postos 2 to 5, at the heart of Copacabana. The locals call it the Princesinha do mar, or "Princess of the Sea". Several beach volleyball Grand Slams have been hosted here.
  • Yearning for a peaceful afternoon culminating in a dinner of fresh fish? See you at Posto 6.
  • A life spent surfing would be your dream, riding the waves against a picture-perfect sunset? Posto 7 on Arpoador beach is a haven for surf lovers after your own heart.
  • You're a friend of Dorothy, or friends with someone who is? At Posto 8 the rainbow flag welcomes gays and the gay-friendly.
  • Feeling like surrounding yourself with sun-kissed beauty? Sensual, multicultural Postos 9 and 10 are just the thing. You might even see the Girl from Ipanema go walking, "tall and tan and young and lovely..."
  • You love sports by day and samba by night? Posto 11 is the place for people who never sleep. The Leblon nightclubs are waiting for you.
  • You've come to Rio with the whole tribe in tow? Posto 12 at the bottom of Morro Dos Irmãos is the place for you. The family-friendly beach even has a special area for toddlers known as Baixo Bebê.

There you have it, a world of almost infinite possibilities on the beaches of Río de Janeiro. Havaianas is celebrating it with a collection of flip-flops depicting all the colours, moods and joy of the twelve Postos. Choose the Havaianas that match your personality best and get swept away to your favourite Posto. The beaches of Río are at your feet.
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