Territorio Havaianas


My perfect ritual this Christmas consists in doing a bit of shopping in town, walking into all those beautifully decked out stores that overflow with Christmas outfits, taking in the heart-warming spirit of the season.

Then a thought crosses my mind:  what am I going to wear in the next few weeks? There are so many events around this time of the year, the office parties, family dinners and glitzy New Year’s Eve parties!

Some people spend the holiday season bearing the brunt of the cold here in Europe, but others dream of getting away, migrating like birds, towards the warmth and the sun.

So, if I have a chance, I won’t hesitate! Here’s what my GETAWAY KIT for the end of year holidays would look like.

Always travelling light, the dress code I would follow would be a sort of combination of informal wear with a bit of a festive touch about it. Loose and comfortable outfits in a flowing material that adjust to one’s shape, with perhaps a masculine touch too.

But if I think in terms of both comfort and travel, my Havaianas then become to be essential.  So, having included all the required elements, I have planned all the outfits that will fit in my suitcase, including my pair of Slim Hardware Rose Gold flip flops and the Luna Special black sandals featuring glittering Swarovski pins, of course!
Outfit 1: Satin + denim
No carefully prepared suitcase deserves to be labelled as such if it does not include at least one denim garment. I fished out my 90s denim jacket and tried combining it with some very elegant pink satin trousers and voilá! They go really well with the Slim Hardware Rose Gold and the metallic Gold Mini Bag. What a great look!
Outfit 2: boyfriend’s shirt + golden skirt
If there is something I really love it’s having a rummage through a guy’s cupboard for something “borrowed”, like a shirt which I’ll tie in a knot and wear with a golden leather-look miniskirt, to balance things out and to show off a bit of leg: a really sexy and chic combination with an intellectual touch about it.
Outfit 3: knitted dress + sash
And here’s a simple yet really effective look with this subtly glittery and striped dress, to which I have added a personal touch: a black sash wrapped around the waist and a pair of Luna Special black sandals featuring glittering Swarovski pins. This outfit is minimalism at its best.  Had you ever imagined that a simple pair of sandals could be as elegant?
OK, now that I have everything I need, all I have to do is start counting down!

If you need more inspiration for this Christmas, keep an eye on Carolina Marimón.




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