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It is relatively simple to portray something beautiful in a beautiful manner. All you have to do is find a bucolic scene, an evocative sunset or a lovely object, and the rest comes naturally. On the other hand, it’s far more complicated and magical as well to find beauty in things that we normally see as ordinary, simple, and in some cases, actually ugly or even hideous.

From the start, one of Havaianas’ ideals has been to become an ambassador for the Brazilian spirit in the four corners of the globe, thereby showcasing the country through its music, its nature, its traditions, its philosophy of life, its culture and, of course, its art. It is not the first time that the most famous flip-flop brand in the world teams up with local artists to publicise their work and the way in which these artists portray their own country. This time, we have teamed up with Ricardo Negro, a young Brazilian artist who has, for years, been finding beauty where most of us only see triviality. That is a gift very few people can boast of having. Ricardo has found a way to scratch the surface of the unpopularity that shrouds the sprawling favelas – those poorer and marginal neighbourhoods that are scattered around Brazil’s bigger cities – thus uncovering an underworld overflowing with colour, joy and happiness. Where the rest of us only see exclusion, dirt and violence, Ricardo Negro has revealed a universe which is far more friendly and filled with sensuality, smiles and colourful brightness.
Territorio Havaianas Blog - Ricardo Negro
Ricardo Alves da Silva Miranda draws his artistic talent from his father, a photographer who spent over a decade picturing everything that surrounded him and who passed on his love of art to Ricardo. Bit by bit, the young man found his own space too, choosing to express himself through a more so-called “street art” form. He took his first artistic steps in 2004 with graffiti. Five years later he earned a degree in the Faculty of Visual Arts, thereby becoming an artist and master of mischief, an “arteiro”, as he labels himself.

This is when his thorough and in-depth analysis of favelas began, with the observation of the uniqueness of these suburban worlds based on daily life experiences and the peculiarities of the architecture. Ricardo is attracted by the people who live in these favelas as much as by the way they live there, and, above all, by the space they occupy: the houses, streets, buildings, facades, neighbourhoods…. The artist studies the outskirts of cities like Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo and the Bahia region, amongst others, and, from this observation as well as the inspiration he draws from the works of the great masters that he admires (Modigliani, Bosch, Diego Rivera, Nelson Screnci...), he builds his own universe, where colour and enchantment overcome the chiaroscuro, the semi-darkness of exclusion.
Territorio Havaianas Blog - Ricardo Negro
The Havaianas partnership with Ricardo is captured in the following collection made-up of three designs that encompass the artist’s incomparable personal style, giving us a glimpse of the influence of Cubism and Pop Art that Ricardo Negro so cleverly blends to sing the praises of what he holds dear to his heart, his ancestors’ legacy: that is Ricardo Negro’s Brazil!

Find out more about this special partnership and become the owner of one of these works of art for your feet.

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