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We’ve already told you about the Brazilian artist, Ricardo Negro, and the partnership Havaianas has built with him to get his work known and, at the same time, to put Brazilian art in the global spotlight, beyond the country’s borders. It’s something the flip-flop brand holds very dear, and has been working on similar partnerships for a long time now.
Territorio Havaianas Blog - Ricardo Negro
With Ricardo Negro Havaianas wished to go one step further. The artist, who captures the colour and spirit of favelas like no-one else, has created a range of flip-flops for the brand, which he is now introducing in Europe in an original way: by demonstrating his artistic creation process live. Havaianas thought it might be a good idea if the creator left the studio where he normally works and his homeland Brazil behind for a few days, to come across the ocean to bring us some of the favela’s colours and reflect them in his own unique way.

During his European escapade, Ricardo first stopped in London then in Porto, in Portugal. Both cities were ready and waiting for him with gigantic canvases so he could let his creativity run wild. The best part of the project is that Ricardo agreed to work on the canvases in a showcase window, to allow everyone to witness the progress live as it happened, seeing a unique work of art come to life.
Territorio Havaianas Blog - Ricardo Negro
As the hours passed (a canvas this size requires quite some work), the more curious of the bystanders started gathering around, looking perplexed as Ricardo rose to the challenge, first with spray cans, then with more delicate strokes, using marker pens. Here is the process the artist follows: he creates volumes, splashes of colour and shapes and strokes using a spray can and then, once he has the favela’s basic structure laid down, he defines the lines more clearly, adds finishing touches to the roofs and draws the doors.

Dozens of people moved up closer, the more daring even asking for souvenir selfies. The greatest surprise was yet to come: all those who stopped by not only witnessed the live work in progress of an artist, they also came away with a pair of customised Havaianas signed by Ricardo himself, the sort of thing which turns your flip-flops into a unique and one of a kind item.
Territorio Havaianas Blog - Ricardo Negro
Territorio Havaianas Blog - Ricardo Negro
So, those lucky punters who showed up in the Havaianas store in Westfield on the 14th of March, or in the brand’s store on Rua de Santa Catalina in Porto, Portugal, on the 17th, are very likely to have a pair of Havaianas signed by an artist sitting in their wardrobe, waiting for the fair weather to pull them out and show them off. Ricardo, please come back soon!

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