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I am packing my bags because I’m leaving. Yes. I am going far away. Very far away in fact. I’m leaving because it’s my birthday and a long time ago I decided I would celebrate this date, whenever possible, under the sun. When I was small, I felt a little envious of my friends who had their birthday parties during the summer because those were the best: there were big picnics by the river or the pool, there was no school, we could stay up late…. Even the presents seemed cooler! But when your birthday is during the cold and winter months, even the cake and candles have a bitter taste. So, as soon as I can, I celebrate in the sun.
I am packing my bag, and whilst I am doing this, it makes me feel that packing a suitcase is like changing into someone else. Two hour ago, or even five minutes ago, I was just someone getting up in the morning to go to the gym, then to work,… to the movies once a week, and out for a meal with friends once in a while. But five minutes ago, things changed. Five minutes ago, I opened the cupboard to get my suitcase out and I am now standing in front of my bed, with this empty, wide open case, deciding on what I am going to take with me. From that moment onwards, I turned into somebody else, someone who will be standing with both feet in the water, forgetting all about the gym, work and the daily routine.

I never take a lot with me because where I go, life is fun and fancy free, so I just take the ‘indispensable basics’: a couple of swimsuits, a towel, sun tan lotion, some T-shirts and of course, my ‘must-have’ pairs of Havaianas. I always take three or four pairs because it’s all I’m going to wear on my feet over the next ten days: a pair for the beach, another more sober pair for a casual smart night out, a third 24/7 pair and my good old and worn out Havaianas which have followed me everywhere since I started this ritual. It was my first birthday under the sun. I had travelled to Brazil and that is where our paths crossed. Since then, they have been to the four corners of the world with me.
Territorio Havaianas - SEEKING THE SUN

Havaianas Phone Case

This year, it’s the Philippines. And they are already packed in my bags. They were the first thing that went in. They love the sun as much as I do! How about you? Do you miss the sea breeze? Would you not like to celebrate your birthday on the sand or New Year’s Eve swimming in the sea? Any excuse will do, including your unbirthday. In fact, it’s not really mine now either, but don’t tell anyone!

PS: I would like to dedicate this post to my boss who always gives me ‘my’ week off; the Wright brothers for having defied the laws of physics without realising that years later airplanes would also be able to defy the seasons of the year, and my Havaianas, for always being by my side.
Territorio Havaianas - SEEKING THE SUN
Territorio Havaianas - SEEKING THE SUN

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