• Colourful, iconic and 100% reusable

    What could we be talking about? Of course our Top and Tradi collections. And you know what's best?

    100% of the residues from the straps of these flip flops is reincorporated into our manufacturing process.

    Besides that, the soles can be made from up to 40% rubber residues from the production process itself.

    Avoiding waste and creating positive change for the planet. After all, producing things consciously is much more fun!

    Come and learn more about them!

  • The Tradi

    Simply the model where our story began! Created in 1962, the Tradi was inspired by the traditional Japanese zōri sandal. Made of high quality, long-lasting rubber, at the time, the product was only available in a blue and white version.

    Because of an error in the machinery (and a little twist of fate!), things took a small turn in the year 1969! Unintentionally, the first Tradi are created with green straps — and end up being put up for sale. The result? The Brazilian public loved them and, soon, new pairs in rust, yellow and black were created.

    Today a pop phenomenon, the Tradi represents our authenticity: after all, it has been three, four and five-times world champion; for disco music, bossa nova, lambada and axé music; by the hippie movement, internet and selfies… more than a flip flop, it is the history of Brazil summarized in a rubber sole and iconic straps.

    Choose your favourite:

  • The Top

    The Top has Havaianas DNA: it is democratic, versatile, classic, comfortable and colourful. There's something for everyone: from basic to fashionable, from neutral to vibrant. Your pick!

    Born back in the 1990s, inspired on the famous "Brazilian way"! Up until then, only Tradi models were marketed and as always, very creative, the Havaianas lovers began to "customize" their own Havaianas. Let's explain: people started to turn the coloured sole of the flip flops inside out, creating monochromatic and unique styles. Ingenious!

    In line with the "trend", we then decided to launch the Top style, available in all the colours of the rainbow or in the seasons most desired fashionable tones..

    Today, footwear is an icon that not only matches with everything, but has also become a collector's item. The true birth of a star.

  • All the models from the Top and Tradi Lines have the stamps: 100% reusable, free of restrictive materials, re-use of industrial waste, renewable sources, eco-production.

    Havaianas is here to set the world free.