Territorio Havaianas


March is one of the main months on the fashion calendar. After a harsh winter, and before the warm summer days arrive, this month is like an open door onto the new trends for the upcoming season. Little by little, the snow is melting on the higher ground and optimists are starting to turn their eyes towards the seaside, as if feeling that sea breeze, even if they are thousands of miles away from the coast. We all feel like seeing the summer here and that feeling beats any cloudy day, rainy afternoon or freezing night. It’s time to find out about what the Havaianas’ creative team has come up with for the 2017 Spring-Summer season.

For the ladies, the brand has prepared a collection inspired by five concepts that cover a wide range of possibilities that can all be combined: for those ladies out there who wake up feeling Classic but who, by nightfall, turn to their more Glam style, or else for the fashionistas who are always on the lookout for the latest trend but who suddenly decide to loosen up and relax a bit.
The designs range from tropical and floral prints, to tribal motifs, to seafaring and sailing patterns, or organic designs, animal prints as well as the 80s colour-block style.
The fun pet print designs (yes, those cats and dogs that are so popular on the social media networks are now also on your feet!) or the sushi patterns all blend into a “beach to city” concept with Havaianas providing flip-flops that are ready for the city sidewalks (with a strap around the toes and back strap around the ankle for better foot support). The brand has also decided to re-think its classic flip-flops, inspired by one of the biggest trends of the year: roman sandals.
For the guys, there are four concepts that have been carefully thought out:
For the more traditional guys out there, the Classic concept goes for seafaring sailing designs and patterns.
The Natural concept brings you a selection of prints with beautiful sceneries including beaches, iconic Brazilian images and exotic animals like toucans, octopuses and dragonflies.
For the more daring men out there, the Cool concept provides a world of fun including summery emoticons, comic strip superheroes or neon lines that shine at night ensuring you don’t go unnoticed!

For the sportsmen, Havaianas brings you the Sport collection with a wide range of flip-flops with a stronger grip and a back strap to ensure your foot is firmly in place to withstand any sport your body can cope with.

For the little ones, these are happy times because the Havaianas Kids collection is where the brand lets its imagination run wild and where creativity has no limits:
All of the cartoon characters you can imagine: dinosaurs, princesses, kittens, puppies…they’re all there! And the range is large enough to include all sorts of foot sizes!

So, the warm summer days are on their way. Are you ready?

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