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This is our special model for weddings with Havaianas Slim just for women. It is available in white and it comes pre customized with 3 exclusive wedding pins of your choice. Your guests will be happy to receive this amazing gift and will be able to party all day long! This special order will take between 1 and 2 months to be delivered, so please allow plenty of time before the big day!

Order Recap

Please remember that you need at least 60 pairs of the same pin and Flip Flop in order to continue with the checkout process.


    We will deliver your order within 2-3 working days if your shipping address is in Italy and in approximately 4-5 working days if your shipping address is in any other Country within the European Union.
    On the Havaianas Online Store you can choose Standard Delivery for 4.50 Euro: Don't forget that by purchasing just 2 items or more or by spending at least 40 Euro, you will get Free Shipping on your order! Otherwise, if you are in a hurry, you can choose our Express Delivery for 8 Euro; In this case, the Free Shipping does not apply. You can find all of the details regarding the shipping costs of your Order in our Help Area by following this link and clicking on Countries & Costs.
    Did you change your mind? Havaianas gives you up to 30 days, from the time of delivery, to return or exchange your order! You can find all the details regarding our Return Policy by following this link and clicking on Returns.
    All of our payment methods are secure and fast: with Havaianas you can place your order with total peace of mind! Please find all details regarding our payment methods by following this link and selecting the Payments section.