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The power of words is undeniable. Without having to delve into anthropological issues like the ones we have introduced you to recently, nor donning our mad-scientist jacket, we have found a way of showing you the power of some of these words. Just by uttering them, they can create a whole range of thoughts and emotions in each and every one of us. Let’s try something: close your eyes and think of the word “Summer” for a few moments. Done? What did you feel? Your brain has probably thrown an endless number of images at you: of the beach, outdoor pic-nics, fun music, perhaps a childhood memory, those afternoons by the river, some summer romance, the wonderful warm evening… It is also very likely that you have ended up with a smile on your face, just by thinking of just that one word.

George Steiner used to say that “what is not named does not exist” to which we could add that what is not repeated ends up by being lost. That’s why Havaianas has decided to launch a fun and colourful campaign to ensure that all our favourite words never get forgotten, because we’ll have them with us at all times. In the ABC that Havaianas has prepared for the summer, one finds all the words that define the best aspects of this season of the year: some are loaded with symbolism, like “Love”. Others carry lots of rhythm, like “Music”. Some words may express universal feelings that don’t need much translation: “Happy”.
Territorios Havaianas_Let's summer! Bring the summer on!
This summer, the “Let’s summer” collection doesn’t just bring colour to the summer but will reflect everything you do with words: every time you get out in the sun (“Energy”), every time you have a smoothie (“Tropical”) or every time you slump onto the sandy beach or in that comfy deck chair (“Relax”). Havaianas has gathered all the terms that are synonymous with summer in the coolest and most refreshing of dictionaries this season. Pick your favourite word, or make up a whole word: Sun? Surf? Peace? #Summerforever? You decide!

Are you ready? Let's summer!
Territorio Havaianas_let´s summer! Bring the summer on!
Territorio Havaianas_let´s summer! Bring the summer on!

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