Territorio Havaianas


Love makes the world go ‘round, no denying it! Wars have been fought for it – think the legendary and beautiful Helen of Troy, or Rome and Egypt vying for Cleopatra. It has inspired romantic tragedies like Romeo and Juliet, without forgetting love triangles like Popeye, Olive and Brutus.

Whether impossible, passionate, unrequited, head-spinning, or from afar… it’s love all the same. Every country has some tradition or special way to celebrate it, because there’s always that special person that makes our heart skip a beat.

In Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet, an award is given out every year for the most beautiful letter sent to Juliet. Over 8,000 letters are received every year! And the Juliet Club answers every one. That’s right, every single letter writer enjoys an answer from their favourite star-crossed lover.

In Finland Valentine’s day is about both love and friendship. Besides your better half, you can also celebrate your love for a brother or sister, parents, friends, or workmates.

No less intriguing is the way they celebrate in Japan. There, it’s the gals who pull out all the stops for the guys. They take the initiative, sending boxes of candy not only to their partners, but also to friends, acquaintances and co-workers. One month later they wait for their reward, when the guys return the favour with gifts of their own on “White Day”.

If we were to put ourselves in Olive’s shoes and had to find a gift for Popeye, I think we would all agree that candy wouldn’t be the best choice. But a few cans of yummy power spinach would have him eating out of our hand. Probably Popeye would sweep Olive off her feet on White Day with a romantic sail on his boat. And poor Brutus? Would he end up waiting for his present in vain?

So go ahead, find your own Olive, Popeye or Brutus and show them that you love them. It’s never too late to tell someone they’re special, right? Here’s to love without boundaries!

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